"The problem most people have is that they don't understand it."
"Yes, I admit it's not easy to understand at first. But once you get it, you realize how simple it is."
"What is the difficulty in understanding?"
"It's definitely worth taking into account that I've been meditating continuously for 20 years and I've discovered many things that have given me a new world view. Worldviews have changed through the ages and now we have come to a new one. The difficulty here is that everyone thinks in terms of complexity, while the system I have developed aims at simplicity."
"What is the point that justifies the new?"
"The discovery by science that the reality we all experience is a hologram."
"What does that change?"
"Everything is decided in the mind. If you can interpret reality in a different way, you can do things that have been blocked by your non-belief."
"What non-belief do you mean?"
"I can't do that. Mind you, there are many things you won't be able to do after this, because whatever goal you have, you have to meet four conditions and until you meet those conditions, you won't achieve it. Aptitude, ability, competence, free will."
"Isn't that the way it used to be?"
"If you look at the kind of people who get political power and what they do with it, you have to agree with me that these four conditions have to be applied to them. But not just for them, but for everyone, and the world will be a better place."
"I programmed it into the hologram. True, it's only been a few years, but all this will soon become visible and tangible."
"What is the assembly language of the hologram?"
"If we take computers as a starting point, programming languages require an operating system that makes the programming language understandable to the computer. I have done the same, i.e. I have my own spiritual platform, which can be called a holo operating system. The old program languages, also called magic, still run because there are no compatibility issues in hologram. Instead, there are misunderstandings, such as parties understanding different things by the same terms."
"In spiritual terms, what does a holo operating system mean?"
"A new understanding of the world."
"What if someone does not accept this new world understanding?"
"The system adapts to it as it was before. The hologram tries to adapt to your current beliefs."
"What is this hologram?"
"I think it may have originally been a game that had a bug. Probably due to a breach of dimensional boundaries. Because of this, the people in the game forgot it was a game and lived in reality instead."
"What is reality?"
"An extreme form of gaming in which players take themselves and the game too seriously. Being extremely open-minded throughout, I have come to the conclusion that this approach is not so bad, just not done well. There are too many misunderstandings, too many mistakes and too many advantages for those who abuse their knowledge."
"You did this for 20 years?"
"My consciousness has undergone a completely unique evolution due to a combination of factors and has risen to heights that are incomprehensible to the average mind. It was at these dimensional levels that logic-based reasoning first appeared to solve problems. Moreover, it is possible to reconcile aspects of the lower and higher spheres. So that's not what I did, but the need for an operating system arose along the way."
"Give me an example of a problem that the higher dimensional levels might have where the lower ones could be a solution."
"Are they bored upstairs?"
"Yes. It's a side effect of eternal life."
"What's your solution?"
"When dimensional boundaries are broken, it can be a bad response to a good intention. The wrong answer caused a big problem, but created some values that would be destroyed in the restoration. Such is our world, made so by an anomaly in which several dimensions got stuck together on the 3D frequencies. That's why there are so many races, so many civilizations and so many monotheistic gods."
"If our world is an anomaly, and there are those who are working to eliminate the anomaly, why is that not a good thing?"
"Because I have got to know the parties and the situation, and I have seen that the operation is not coordinated, that everyone is minding their own business and that it is not at all important for anyone to see the situation not as a problem but as an opportunity."
"What do you mean by opportunity?"
"There is something ready here that just needs to be interpreted properly and done well. But it also became clear that there was no one else but me with the right level of consciousness to do this, so I had no choice but to take up this task and its responsibilities. Which, by the way, is only a fraction of what a person who comes across my website encounters."
"Are you meditating now?"
"Yes. And the internet gives me the opportunity to share information while still doing so."
2"Why only a fraction?"
"When a scientist discovers something and develops it into a form that can be used by ordinary people, it is only a fraction of the total material he has created."
"What can you use from your discovery and how?"
"I could compare my discovery to Apple, who launched a computer that anyone could use without having to learn to code. Here, no one needs to take esoteric courses to harness the potential of their mind."
"Mind control is like that."
"For mind control you also need to learn the process itself. That is, there is a curriculum and there are exercises. But people today don't like that, otherwise everyone would be doing mind control."
"Are you saying that nobody needs to learn this?"
"What is learning in this is personality development, which is what everyone should and does do anyway when they live their daily lives. Everything else has already been learned."
"Do you have a mobile phone?"
"Of course."
"Can you use it? Because then you'll understand this."
"What do the two have to do with each other?"
"It's a worldview that is adapted to the world of the man of today. If our world is a hologram, from this perspective, looking at the older ages, who couldn't describe it in one word, it makes religious literature more understandable. Not to mention what is said by Eastern philosophies and Western spiritual teachings. I, however, have taken a step further in terms of clarity, not caring what anyone calls me for it. For the short version is quite crude when you suddenly come across it without preparation."
"What do you mean by "quite crude"?"
"If I told you that our world is a holographic video game that you play in, I think all people would laugh. But that's the case. What I have experienced in my 20 years of meditation has all led me to this conclusion. After that, I did nothing but work it all out and install it in the network of humanity's consciousness."
"What does that mean?"
"Every human being can reach it with his/her consciousness if he/she wants to."
"If they don't want to?"
"That's the basic game. There is no such thing, only reality."
"And if I want it?"
"Then you can begin to exploit the potential of your mind. Because this game is mind-controlled. Even if you've been exposed to other worlds because of a breach of dimensional boundaries. In fact, those other worlds have brought their own characteristics with them, with the result that everyone is praying upwards and the energies are coming from there. But that is not necessarily the case."
"What have you developed?"
"My job was basically to detect the anomaly, understand it and develop a solution. I am not in contact with humans, but with spiritual and physical beings at different levels of Consciousness from the deepest level of consciousness to the lower trance levels. I have been sitting in an apartment for 20 years doing a meditation that has never been done before."
"What makes you think that?"
"When you arrive somewhere first, there are noticeable signs."
"What makes you different that might explain that?"
"I'll start with the fact that in my life before meditation I had a couple of head injuries after which I successfully rearranged my consciousness. I found that after each one I became more intelligent and my mind opened to the spiritual world. It turns out there's a name for it, acquired savant syndrome. It all made deeper sense when I started meditating and my mind reached the deep trans realm. Because I was the first to reach it, I gave it that name. Are you interested in the other factors?"
"Of course."
"On the one hand, I am not baptized, which has allowed me to avoid formal channels and institutions. On the other hand, I did this meditation in a scientific spirit and when something required my prior belief, I gave it with the guarantee of conditional truth."
"What is conditional truth?"
"It only becomes true if its conditions are met. Since the other hemisphere of the brain is the world of belief and not of proof, I had to develop a protocol for this, which later came to fruition."
"Are there other factors?"
"Extraordinary intelligence and courage, as well as the right reactions to acute situations. Because time behaves strangely in deep space, I had no more than 10 to 20 seconds to make a decision, because only such windows of time opened up. I also had to manage the outside world with the waking trance technique I developed, which I used to go to the shop and run errands. I'm sure a Tibetan lama would have his hair on fire right now if he had one, so his eyes would just glaze over at the sound of it. No one there would have dared to do this meditation in the first place, nor would the Dalai Lama have allowed it."
"Because it was far above the divine level known on Earth."
"Why was this necessary?"
"I only got an answer to that later, when I had a bigger picture. The world was in big trouble and a being capable of solving it was called in. That's how I got there. It would be difficult to explain in a few sentences, but if I were religious I would not have perceived this sign, if I were a coward I would never have reached these depths and heights."
"Depths or heights?"
"Inwards to depths, outwards to heights. I am now in a period of return, because I have to organize the world around my body because of my quick departure. The result of this is actually what we are talking about now, only from your perspective."
3"Let's get back to the worldview you claim a beginner can know all about."
"A beginner doesn't know everything, only what constitutes everything at his level of consciousness."
"You said our world is like a holographic video game. How does the mobile phone analogy you mentioned earlier fit into this?"
"Surely everyone has seen a computer game console adventure game. The way our world is structured and how it works is very similar to those games, but it is very difficult to see, let alone accept, at the game level for a number of reasons. Because there are guarantees built into the game that anyone shouldn't just gravitate to the admin levels. Since these guarantees work inside you, you might burst out laughing at this, followed by sentences like how can a petty person do this, he doesn't even have any money."
"How did you get to admin level?"
"It was not easy, but it taught me spiritual warfare, fighting and hand-to-hand combat."
"Why was this necessary?"
"In a normal world these wouldn't have been necessary, but in a normal world it wouldn't have been necessary to rise with one's individual consciousness to have the logic-based rationality needed for operations. In an environment where an autonomous individual, independent of other human beings, has ascended and is already part of a collective that cannot even comprehend the concept of a human being independent of him/her. Upwards it was not so difficult, but downwards it is."
"Could you elaborate on that?"
"Upwards, I was a strange creature who scared everyone by resisting attempts to assimilate me and when they couldn't kill me, started shooting. Of course, everyone wanted to get rid of the problem quickly, so I quickly reached the deep trance. By fast I mean about 2 years. Down is now in my seventh year. Upwards, the difficulty was that I was a complete beginner and didn't understand what was happening to me, I reacted to everything by intuitive improvisation. As it turned out in hindsight, almost flawlessly. The situation is different downwards, because this individual conscious action in the world of collectives is an anomaly that no one understands, no one accepts, and it also interferes with what they like to call divine interventions. I am at once an earthly man beneath them, considered subordinate, and a god above them. Who is also an Aquarian (it is supposedly forbidden to be born an Aquarian outside), male (we are talking about matriarchal societies), non-religious and a liberal democrat. It feels like coming to feudalism mixed with antiquity, so although there are those who sympathise with me, it is basically a hostile environment for me."
"So the liberals can rejoice?"
"Not necessarily, because I represent a more advanced form of liberalism, one that does not see Viktor Orbán as the only criminal."
"I feel as if I want to split, because I would like to talk about that, but basically I want to keep talking about the issues that concern us."
"I know it's difficult, but then don't ask these questions. Although the fact remains that all this information will enhance my competence, which is no bad thing when you're talking about live video games."
"What kind of game is it?"
"A civilization-building adventure game, in almost every genre of it. This is where you first get a sense of how complex the hologram is."
"Who is playing?"
"That's the beauty of it, that from here on the boundaries of mysticism are pushed back, because with this worldview, many things that were previously obscure can now be explained."
"Imagine yourself from the perspective of the character in the adventure game."
"In an adventure game there are magical items you can pick up and develop your character."
"It's no different here. People who live in the real world have a harder time believing and perceiving such things, but magical items do exist. I realised this when I was looking for the answer to why mp3 music is so emotional. Because an mp3 file is nothing but digital 1s and 0s. The only logical explanation is that there must be an invisible (holographic) container linked to the objects where such information is stored and we have a logical explanation for magical objects and how some people can hold objects in their hands and tell extra information about them."
"Is this world view taught somewhere?"
"Yes. In your mind by pushing the boundaries of your beliefs further."
"I mean, why not educate?"
"I do on my websites. But I would point out that my return means I'm getting in the game. If I were to start teaching this somewhere, it would be part of the game for me and I'm not sure I'd be spending my valuable playing time doing that, when you can find everything you need on my websites as well."

4"There is no mention of the simple system you have worked out, which we already know in principle."
"I brought up the mobile phone as an example because people are constantly confirming themselves on the network of consciousness in the same way that mobile phones do with cells. Since everyone has a mobile phone and can use it, I applied the same principle. There are holoapps that you can call up with your consciousness, if your third eye is working, you can even pack them up for yourself."
"Do you have proof of the third eye?"
"Even when you sleep and dream, your eyes are not open, but you still see images. Some people can do this even when they are awake."
"Where are these holoapps?"
"On an XD server. You can download them faster in half a dream."
"So reality is an adventure game where people imagine themselves as if they were smartphones?"
"I don't know that a smartphone would be the best analogy for most people, but basically yes. You can make other things up, but it makes sense for everyone."
"What about people who can't use their third eye?"
"The term eye here is a bit misleading because everyone is thinking of visual vision. If it doesn't work for you yet, just imagine a dashboard or a mobile interface. You can imagine gauges there that will give you the right reading. By the way, the third eye is not only good for such concrete things, but your intuition belongs there too. It's like a receiver that you can pick up signals from the consciousness network from the spiritual world."
"What does 1ST1 mean?"
"Once upon a time, a man named Linus went to the store to buy a Windows and was so freaked out by the price that he went home and created an open source, free operating system called Linux. My name is Istvan and I became interested in spirituality. I started meditating and I was so pissed off at the price the official establishment was charging for it that I went ahead and created an operating system with the philosophy of Linux in one hemisphere (ÉlményPark) and one in the other that I could name after myself (1ST1). First One sounds a lot better than "Aistven", though."
"I see you are not far from humour."
"You'll see how not."
"What's the price you're pissed off about?"
"They expect you to bow down and then kneel before them. You see it as normal because you were born into it and it was drilled into you as a child not to question anything. And the price is the energy you take and the world you project. They come into this world and while they are training you to be obedient, they are living a life of luxury, buying luxury boats with your money and creating a feudal world where they are the masters and you are the serf. Since it's a game, the real "gods" don't interfere until a line is crossed. That limit is the degree of injustice and suffering. Since the dimensional boundaries have collapsed, this has given certain beings an excellent opportunity to exploit the situation."
"Have they crossed this boundary?"
"Not only did they cross it, but the system operators were helpless to stop the anomaly. There was a serious possibility of the end of the world, i.e. the destruction of the entire physical plane, but I managed to avoid this by appearing as a problem solver at the upper dimensional levels. Being aware of the conditions on earth, I have devised a solution that does not require humans. It would also be difficult in a situation that allows for easy occupation, but I do not rule out the possibility that there are still those who are committed to restoring the world. Otherwise I would not be spending my meagre funds on making websites like this."
"Then this is no longer a game."
"If it wasn't a game, these would be over immediately. But I have to think about the big problem of the upper dimensional levels..."
"The boredom?"
"Yes. It seems I managed to make an even better game out of this, one that will be enjoyable even if you don't believe a word of it."

Questions and answers

Kérdések és válaszok

- A hologram programnyelvéről nem adtál kielégítő választ.
- A hologram elképesztően rugalmas. Amikor valaki a múltban kidolgozott egy rendszert, mint például a tarot kártyát, az programnyelvnek minősül. De az álmodozás is egy programnyelv, ami ha nem precíz, akkor a hologram értelmezi a tetszése szerint a homályos, vagy üres részeket. Nekem több saját programnyelvem van.
- Ha valaki homályosan vagy hiányosan álmodik, hogyan tudja azt ellenőrizni és javítani?
- Erre én is gondoltam és egyszerűbb volt precízen megálmodni egy holo operációs rendszert, ami ezeket a hiányosságokat pótolja.
- Mi szükség van erre, ha a hologram amúgy is ezt teszi?
- Mert a hologram megvalósítása meglehetősen nyers és nem veszi figyelembe sem a civilizációs sajátosságokat, sem az, hogy te nem úgy értetted.
- Hogyan lehet ilyen programnyelvet kitalálni?
- Az agyadnak a racionális féltekéjével.
- Azt mondod, hogy minden az elmében dől el. Ezt hogyan értelmezzük?
- A keleti filozófiák és nyugati spirituális irányzatok szerint a világunk valójában egy illúzió. Mi azonban már pontosabban meg tudjuk fogalmazni azzal, hogy egy hologram. Vannak, akik úgy magyarázzák, hogy az anyag nem létezik és valójában a világ sem létezik, de ez nem pontos. Azért nem, mert ott van a szemed előtt, súlya van, szaga van és meg is tudod érinteni. Tehát létezik, ám pont úgy létezik, ahogy egy számítógépes játékban léteznek a tereptárgyak. De ha letöltöd a játékot, azt sem tudod megfogni, azaz egy olyan lény számára, aki nem ért az informatikához, maga a program, amit letöltesz sem létezik. Felvetődik ezek után a kérdés, hogy hol van az a hardver, ami létezővé teszi a játékot? Ott van a koponyádban és úgy hívják, hogy az emberi agy. Az emberi agy egy olyan holo-computer, ami lehetővé teszi számodra azt, hogy részt vehess a játékban.
- Szeretném tudni, hogy ennek tanulmányozása során mire jutottál.
- Az emberi agy két részből áll. Az egyik a valóság vetítéséért felelős racionális agyfélteke, a másik az álomért felelős intuitív agyfélteke, ami a spirituális világot köti be hozzád. A spirituális világ olyan, mint az internet, ahol a tudatod a böngésző.
- Hogyan működik a vezérlés?
- Mivel ez alapvetően egy játékprogram, két dolog határozza meg a szereped. Mit tudsz és hiszel a világról. Amit hiszel, neked az van és a hologram igyekszik azt létrehozni neked.
- A vallásos hitemet is?
- Igen. Amit másoktól tanultál. Ne feledd, ezt a játékot sokan játsszák a tudás eltérő szintjein. Pont, ahogy a konzolos kalandjátékban. A játék pedig nem tiltja azt, hogy bárki istennek adja ki magát.
- Te ateista vagy?
- Az ateista tagadja isten létezését. Én azonban tudományos szemszögből vizsgálom a spirituális világot. Ez azt jelenti, hogy nincs bizonyíték isten létezésére, ám az ellenkezőjére sincs.
- Hiszel istenben?
- Ahány dimenziót megjártam, mind mást ért e fogalom alatt. Azaz nem ártana előtte definiálni, hogy kit vagy mit értesz, amikor istenről beszélsz. Ha filozófiai értelemben beszélgetünk erről, akkor isten egy ateista számára is létezik, hiszen ha tagadja, már létre is hozta tagadása tárgyát. Ha emlékszel, azt mondtam, hogy a hologram igyekszik létrehozni neked a hitedet. Ha te egy ősz szakállú istenben hiszel, aki a mennyben él, akkor a hologram könnyedén létrehozhatja először a mennyt, aztán abban az ősz szakállú istent és nem fogja azt vizsgálni, hogy mennyi értelme van egy ilyen isten előtti imádkozásnak.
- Akkor a menny létezik?
- Ez egy játékprogram, amiben ilyesmi is létrehozható.
- Te hogyan értelmezed a mennyt?
- Ha ránézel egy toronyházra, annak sok emelete van. A harmadikról nézve a negyedik nevezhető mennynek, a második pedig pokolnak. Így nézve hogy ki az angyal és ki a démon attól függ, honnan tekintesz rá.
- Úgy értem az igazi menny létezik?
- Mit értesz igazi menny alatt?
- Egy tökéletes világot, ahol minden a rendelkezésedre áll, amit szeretnél. Nincs vita, háború és fejlett emberek vesznek körbe.
- Egy ilyen világban biztosan felmerülne az igény a vitára, a háborúra, amit egy olyan szimulációban valósítanának meg, mint amilyen a mi világunk. Ha nem akarnak beleőrülni az unalomba.
- Te milyen világot tekintenél tökéletesnek?
- Számomra a tökéletes az, amiben van egy kis hiba, és ez a hiba a fejlődés felé visz.
- Ezt a tökéletes világot fogod megcsinálni itt?
- Igen, de ez nem fogja érinteni a jelenlegi földlakók nagy többségét, akik tudata a Multiplex Vetítésnek köszönhetően felveszik ideális pozícióikat. Ebben a valóságban csak a fejlett ember marad és azok, akik vetített hologramként működtetik a bolygót, valamint a maradók szerettei, akik időnként ide is látogathatnak.
- Ezt nem teljesen értem.
- Ennek a világnak még van esélye arra, hogy egy olyan magas rezgésszintre emelkedjen, ahol ez a különleges földi civilizáció is szintet léphet, ám a fejletlen emberek tömegei az emelkedés útjában állnak. Ha a cél az itteni szemszögből tekintett Földi Menny, abban nincs erőszakos bűnözés, sem kizsákmányolás, sem túlnépesedés. Éveket jelentő előkészület kellett hozzá, hogy ez a kísérlet elindulhasson. Sajnos a terv kritika alá vétele megköveteli a szükséges látószöget és tudatszintet, amivel nem sok ember rendelkezik, ám az elképzelés alacsonyabb látószögön is megérthető.
- Hogyan fog ez megtörténni?
- Az ilyesmikre nehéz válaszolni, mert közbejöhetnek olyan dolgok, amikre élesben kell reagálni. De a terv az, hogy a tudati utazások álomban és a halállal zajlanak, amik amúgy már el is kezdődtek. Itt szeretném megjegyezni, hogy ez a téma, ha át akarjuk beszélni, elég nagy terjedelmű és van egy weboldal, ami kifejezetten erre készült.
- Álomban és a halállal?
- A 20 év alatt sok területet tanulmányoztam, amik között volt álomkutatás, halálkutatás és ezek közben jöttem rá arra, hogy amit csinálok, az gyakorlatilag egyenlő az istenkutatással. De az ezotéria szót is használhatnám rá.
- Akkor hiszel istenben vagy sem?
- Biztosan mást értesz ez alatt, mint én. Az erősen valószínű, hogy létezik egy forrás, de az is lehet, hogy több van belőle. Még nem értem a kutatás végére.
- Mi a véleményed a hitről?
- Bontsuk ketté. Ha a racionális agyféltekét kérdezed, ott a hit a nem tudásból eredő feltételezés. Ha az intuitív agyféltekéről van szó, a helyzet már nem intézhető el egy mondattal. A hitnek ugyanis teremtő ereje van, ugye a hologram igyekszik azt létrehozni neked. De vigyázni kell vele, mert sokkal könnyebb a hitben lubickolni a szellemi szinteken, mint a valóságban, ahol át kell esnie a bizonyítás próbáján.

- Mi ez a teremtő erő?
- Egy olyan képesség, ami a semmiből hoz létre valamit. A valóságban ez sok munkával jár, kezdve az ötlettől a kivitelezésig. Ám léteznek olyan tudatszintek és képességek, ahol elég csak a gondolat, lásd a víz borrá válik.
- Akkor te hiszel ebben?
- Az ilyen hit csak egy vélelem egészen addig, amíg nem látod a saját szemeddel. Nekem ezekről tudomásom van, amik egy szélesebb látószögön érkeztek hozzám összetett információk formájában. Mint például olyan gépekről, amik energiából sűrítenek anyagot vagy olyanokról, amik helyreállítanak bármilyen sérülést vagy betegséget. Tudom, hogy ilyenek léteznek, de mivel még nem láttam a saját szememmel, nem tudom, hitnek lehet-e ezt nevezni. Te hiszel a kvantumszámítógépekben, vagy tudod, hogy léteznek, bár még egyet sem láttál a saját szemeddel?
- Egy földi embernek milyen teremtőereje lehet?
- Minden technikai vívmány eredete valakinek a szándékából ered. Például a középkori embereké, akik csak álmodhattak a mosógépről, a telefonról, a repülőgépről... aztán ezek az álmok megvalósultak. Mint ahogy a ma embere is álmodik a teleportációról, a repliktátorról és a mélyűrbe pillanatok alatt eljutó űrhajóról.
- Létezik olyan, hogy ez a teremtőerő megjelenik a mindennapok szintjén?
- Igen, de azt a mindennapok szintjén különleges képességnek nevezzük, mert a nagy többség nem rendelkezik vele. Bár rendelkezhetne, ám sok tényező ezt megnehezíti. Ilyen például a közmegegyezéses valóság szabályai, ahol ilyesmi nem létezik, az emberek nemhite, illetve a kiközösítéstől, üldöztetéstől való félelem. Ettől függetlenül sokan ösztönösen csinálják, mert ez a varázserő a valóságban nem létezik, ezért senki nem is feltételezi, hogy bizonyos eseményeknek személyekhez köthető forrása van.
- Akkor bárkinek lehet teremtőereje?
- Igen. Csak mivel kevesen tudják uralni a gondolataikat, létezik erre egy védelem, amit mi a saját valóságunknak nevezzük.
- Mi a helyzet a drogokkal?
- Igen, ez egy jó kérdés, mert a tudatmódosító szerekkel ezt a védelmet túl lehet lépni. Sokan egy idő után kitapasztalják a szert, amit használnak és eljutnak a sámán szintre, ám tisztában kell lenni azzal, hogy az első betépés után az ember magasabb dimenziós szintre lép és ebbe beleértek sok vény nélkül kapható gyógyszert is.
- Ha az ember drogot használ, mi történik?
- A tudata belép a spirituális világba. Ám ez a sok ember erre felkészületlen. Értem ez alatt azt, hogy hiába nő meg a gondolatainak ereje, ha nem tudja azt az adott valóságban tartani. Ráadásul mindenki egyénekben gondolkodik, ám az a világ kollektív. Rengeteg a félreértés és akkor még nem beszéltem arról, hogy ez a csatorna aktív marad utána is.
- Ez mit jelent?
- A tudatod kapcsolatba kerül a kollektív tudattal és ahogy átlátogatsz abba a világba, egyben lehetőséget adsz nekik is arra, hogy átlátogassanak ide. Ám ahogy itt kevesen hisznek a spirituális valóságok létezésében, ott sem hisznek sokan a fizikai világ létezésében és tulajdonképp hasonló folyamatok játszódnak le, csak fordítva. Az elvonási tünetek fő oka nem fizikai eredetű, hanem ilyenkor szűkül a sávszélesség, aminek nem örülnek. Bár a mi világunk kevésbé mennyei, azért tele van olyan lehetőségekkel, amik a szellemi síkon rendkívül népszerűek.
- Itt a hatóságok üldözik az ilyesmit és büntetik. Ott is ez van?
- Igen. Lehetne erről beszélgetni, de terjedelmében akár egy teljes weboldal is kijönne belőle.
- Te hogy kerültél ebbe bele?
- A saját látószögem sok eltérő választ adhatna erre. De ami szerintem a te látószöged vonatkozásában érdekelhet téged, az egy szokatlan lépés volt egy földi probléma megoldására. Azt olvastam a spiritualitásról szóló könyvekben, hogy az történik lenn, ami történik fenn, ezért becsuktam a szemeim és a tudatommal felmentem megoldani a problémát.
- Sikerült?
- Amit ott találtam, ahhoz képest az én földi problémám jelentéktelenné vált. De úgy nézve 20 év után ismét aktuális ugyanaz a probléma, ahogy térek vissza a tudatommal, csak már nem vagyok kezdő és a minőségem se ugyanaz.
- Milyen szinten vagy?
- Nem kívánok belemenni semmilyen farokméregetésbe. Mindenkinek meg van a maga szintje, a maga dolga és szerepe. Ha az én szintemre pályázol, vesd bele magad a dolgok közepébe, éld túl, ami utána jön és kb. 30-40 év alatt eljuthatsz oda. De vannak olyan emberek, akiknek 10-20 év alatt is sikerülhet, de ez csak az én feltételezésem.
- Milyen feladatok vannak azon a szinten, ahol most vagy?
- A világ helyreállítása.
- Az anomália megszüntetése, amiről beszéltél?
- Azon sokan dolgoznak lenn és fenn. Sajnos rossz tapasztalataim vannak az ilyen csoportokkal való együttműködés terén, ezért átálltam egy saját megoldásra, ami figyelembe vesz olyan szempontokat is, amik meghaladják még az itt beavatkozók látószögét is. Ez sok harccal is jár, mert ritkán találkozik az elméleti nagyfokú rugalmasságuk a gyakorlattal.
- Mi a megoldásaitok közötti különbség?
- Itt mindenkit csak a saját terve érdekel, amik mivel nincsenek koordinálva, ütközőpályára kerültek egymással. Adta volna magát az, hogy én koordinálom, ám senki sem fogadott el engem akkor, amikor ez ideális lett volna.
- Miért?
- Mindenkinek van egy hivatalos válasza erre és egy nem hivatalos. Fönn az, hogy én csak egy darab ember vagyok, egy szolgafaj tagja, aki ráadásul férfi. Lenn pedig az, hogy nem hódoltam be sehova és szalonképtelennek számítok e között a sok nagy ember között. Sajnálom, de nehéz egyszerre a mélytranszban a harcok közepette meditálni és megfelelni olyan elvárásoknak, amik sikere után is csak egy kelet-európai suttyó leszek attól függetlenül, hogy Magyarország Közép-Európában van. Az egyik velem nem túl baráti társaság ráadásul megszállta az országot és elkezdte átformálni úgy, hogy a dolgom emiatt még nehezebbé vált. De ez eddig is így volt, nehéz helyzetekben kellett megtalálnom a megoldást, amik nélkül sok fejlesztésem sem készült volna el.
- Miért nevezed az emberiséget szolgafajnak?
- A mai emberiségnek nincs túl jó híre, amit az agresszív természetünk és a háborúink alapoznak meg. Mi a harmadik dimenzióban élünk, ami olyan kiszolgáltatottá tesz minket, mint amilyen az állatvilág a mi szemünkben. Ezért is fogadják el nehezen a földi embert istenként, ám minél messzebbről jön valaki, annál kevésbé hatnak rá az ilyen pre-koncepciók.

Such developments can be triggered by many reasons, one of which is necessity. If I'm sitting in 3D and its timeline, and I have a bunch of other meditation tasks to do, it's logical that I can't be in more than one place at the same time. So, in compliance with one of the aquarius director's orders (preferably do everything differently than everyone else), I started to think of a solution.The normal solution, which everyone would do in the same way, is to ask for help from others, whether they are humans, angels or higher dimensional beings. I did, however, take into account the second point of this director's directive (strive for libero status), which does not allow me to be part of an existing hierarchy, so the only solution was to do it myself. This was not unknown to me even then, because in my deep trance meditations I had been working on creative solutions to higher dimensional problems.So the problem is. First of all, I would have to personally contact a lot of people in the world, select those who are capable of doing these tasks, who are able to do them, who have the competence to do them and who want to do them. There are several factors that have shaded the issue. Firstly, at that stage of development, it was not yet possible to know what the tasks were. The second is that I am not the type to recruit believers, and even if I were, I could not meditate at home and go out into the world at the same time. So I gathered the parameters and worked out a solution along my principles.The solution has become one of the data transmission systems of the ÉlményPark Holoplatform, the only one of its time that uses the outside world to transmit information. Interestingly, quantum physicists are working on something similar, but my hardware is the internet and the human brain itself. Translated, I first map the higher dimensional signals into 2D (this requires a special skill), which I make available on a platform I develop in-house, or on the well-established mandala platform on the internet. You, anywhere in the world, can call up the necessary energies for yourself at any time.

The ÉlményPark 3D projection capable holo operating system running on a network of consciousness, or ÉlményPark Holoplatform for short, is an independent spiritual framework installed on the network of consciousness of humanity. That is, it is in the minds of all people and can be used by their minds. This holoplatform has a deep trans connection and I originally created it for myself so that I wouldn't be at the mercy of anyone, but with the philosophy of linux I made it available to everyone. No special skills are required to use it, in fact, one of the development principles was simplicity and ease of understanding for today's man.The reason why you don't need to learn this system is because everyone who uses a computer or mobile phone already knows it. Anyone with a functioning third eye can see the Veil Desktop, and those without can easily customise the functions in their imagination. But because of the nature of our world, most people never know about these things because in their faith reality they do not exist. That's why there is a spiritual assistant called MIA, who-which in this case performs everything automatically as if there were an R2 in everyone's head.By default, what I call Game Mode, the framework of a decent Game has been developed and then transposed into the hologram. It doesn't require anyone to start meditating at all, because the purpose of the Game is the play that takes place in reality at the ordinary person level. But it does allow certain benefits to be available at that level if one finds them. Although everything can be called up from the consciousness network under the right conditions, the game becomes more colourful if it is possible to do so without raising the level of consciousness.The simplest way to do this is to pass empty frameworks through the human eye port into a holo-computer called the human brain, which takes on unique characteristics with the content that a given human has. Regardless of the fact that this IT interpretation is far from the self-awareness of most people, it is the simplest and most comprehensible form of using the mind's potential in everyday life for a human being on earth. It doesn't make your soul disappear, it just gives you a toolkit to improve your chances in the game called Life.

To prevent unauthorized and illegitimate access to anything, the system has the ability to associate the Key (which is you) with the energies to be drawn. Therefore, anyone cannot access anything despite seeing it on the screen. This is because they are influenced by several factors such as your current state of consciousness, your mood at the time, your level of occupation or even the presence of the occupier (who does not necessarily mean you harm). It is important to note here that only a part of the full repertoire is available from my websites, because the hosting is in the holographic storage that you can access with your consciousness in your mind.The system works the way you're used to on your mobile phone. But there are some differences. Holoinstall is available in three forms:
1. Download and run
2. Downloadable but not executable
3. Not downloadable
In the first case, you can use the power you want in your current state. There are three basic ways to do this. The first is to just look at it. The second is by focusing your eyes behind the image to enter the holographic level. The third is to leave it on your screen and charge it that way. You may also create your own rules, for example print them out and put them in your pockets or put them on the wall, but these are your rules, which you can use to influence my rules up to your level of authority.
In the second case, you will see it in the availability list, but you will not be able to launch it until you meet the launch conditions. These conditions vary, usually telling you something is missing or needs to be filled in. These might include forgiving someone, letting them go, releasing debt, letting go of grievances and not putting up blocks or other obstacles to the process. It could also be that you need to learn something or get through a trial that is hidden in some small events of your everyday life. It may also be that to get started you need to meet someone or get somewhere. You will get a guiding light for these and MIA also helps you to find them. The noblest virtue here is patience.In the third case, if you see it but cannot access it, it is a positive sign that you are close to that holoprogram. Some of these are linked to personal maturity, others reward the sharpening and development of your responsibility and risk-taking, while some are required by your particular life situation and some are offered as opportunities or rewards by your helpers. Life really is like a holographic video game in which you can develop your character. It doesn't necessarily require you to consciously engage with them, but who knows what adventures await you if you do. I can't see into your dreams, but I can give you technical support for them with these improvements.

Few words about meThe reason I don't know anyone and the reason no one knows me is because I'm still in the meditation I started 20 years ago. And a meditating person doesn't have a social life, the most he can do is publish on the internet. The people who know me know me from the internet, which is a lot more than nothing, but a lot less than having a valuable opinion of me as a person. This also applies to those who know me personally but have no idea what I do.If one lives in everyday reality, one just winks, which means two things. One is that they don't have much insight into what meditation really is, and the other is that they think I'm a fool. If you take the time to read through what you find here, you will get that insight. For those who do not, I have no problem with that either, because the purpose of the Game is to play, and the way in which we play is up to each individual.My story in brief is as follows. I was living the life of a middle-class young person in a large European city, far from religion, when I came into contact with spirituality. I found it so interesting that I started to research it. I bought some books and when I had the chance, I went to some of these groups and observed what they were doing. I was mainly interested to see if it was all a big hoax and I came to the conclusion that the spiritual world exists. But what bothered me was that on the one hand nobody talks about it concretely, and on the other hand everyone asks for a prior belief in it. So I decided to do my own research.Which happened 10 years later, when I found myself in a meditation situation in my apartment. Little did I know at the time that I was already in the middle of it when I found the evidence I needed, but I thought it was premature and I thought, 10 years later. It turned out that no prior knowledge was necessary. In fact, as with all knowledge, you build up the boundaries of that knowledge and become part of the circle of people whose knowledge you learn. People, however, like to belong to a community, but this is an individual path that can only be walked alone.Since I am not baptised, I have avoided the patterns that are present in most people. In fact, I did all this with an objective eye, with a scientific spirit, and I soon realised that my case was so unique that I became an explorer. To the scientific spirit I would add here that atheism cannot be considered as such, because it is true that there is no evidence for the existence of God, but there is no evidence for the opposite either, i.e. the possibility of it cannot be excluded. Later it turned out that it is not so simple, because everything is a matter of interpretation, which I have not found to be the case with mine.So this research has led to the research into God, which is no different from the research into dreams and death. Because of the head injuries I suffered before the meditations, my mind has been so opened to the spiritual world that many of the things I could say would be completely unintelligible to those in this field. I have therefore divided my activities into what I call my own field of expertise and what the outside world may consider my field of expertise and that is the hologram. Science has discovered that reality is a hologram, and I have access to this information in time to interpret everything in the light of it.

Reality is a hologramTowards the end of the last century, scientists in many fields of science, learning from each other's research, came to the conclusion that the reality we all experience is a hologram. If I add to this what I know about the teachings of Eastern philosophies and Western spiritual movements, the scientific conclusion is completely correct. If we look at the world as a hologram, phenomena which until then had been mainly a mystery can be explained.Here's what you need to know about holograms from a practical point of view. Each of its elements contains all the information, but you need to find a way to access it. If you illuminate a hologram sheet cut into small pieces with scissors with a coherent light, in this case a laser, you will see the whole image in small pieces. Another property of a hologram is that it behaves as an undivided one, where information is structured at different depths. When you find the right depth, the distances disappear from the perspective of the information.Meditation is one way of doing this, but science has also come up with another, called quantum physics. We study the same thing in different ways and for different purposes. Science is in the rational hemisphere of the brain, which is responsible for reality, but there is another hemisphere of the brain called the intuitive, which connects people to the spiritual world. The human brain is actually a holo-computer that can be developed. There are two ways to do this. One is the development of the rational hemisphere, i.e. learning, which aims to acquire lexical knowledge. The other is meditation, where you develop the other hemisphere and thus reach levels of enlightenment.If every tiny part of the hologram contains all the information, then all you have to do is start looking at a tiny slice of yourself and shine that enlightened light on it and you find the whole world inside you. The path that takes you there is called esotericism. This level of enlightenment is also an entitlement, because the mind not only receives the signals of the universe, it can also shape it. Esotericism is when you examine yourself within yourself, but now we are very close to a rational explanation of magic, where the object of examination is the outside world. Magic is therefore the ability of the mind to bring about changes in the world outside the first person singular.Telepathy, thought communication, levitation, teleportation is the ability of the mind to validate the potential of the holographic level. But there is another factor that has a major influence on this, and that is faith. Because you have two hemispheres, everything depends on what you know and believe about the world and these determine your position in this game called Life. Even if you already have functioning abilities, if you don't believe that such abilities exist, they will lie dormant within you and never emerge. This is why those you turn to require prior belief, but what we don't know is whether these abilities can be taken away.If these elements are subjected to a logical analysis, aimed at drawing one conclusion, we can only conclude that this hologram is a designed thing that behaves like a video game, seen from the inside, through the eyes of the character. From my own experience, I can tell you that the world is full of signs and information for you, just like in an adventure game. Your character can be developed, just like in an adventure game. If we think about it further, we'll soon have a clear idea of who the angels are, who the higher self is. If we go beyond the material, we can find out that this hologram has other planes, that is, this game program has other tracks, which are not necessarily physical. So the world is much more than it seems and it takes no more than a sniff to prove it.

HoloplatformWhen I talk about restoring the world, it assumes that something has gone wrong with it. It is not my intention here to go into topics that lead into the details of what I consider to be my area of expertise, but I can touch on them. If the hologram behaves as an undivided one and this is where different dimensions get tangled up in 3D, that could be a serious problem, although our world is evidence that value can be created by it. In 20 years of meditation, I have encountered mainly problems that are on the one hand far ahead of science, and on the other hand far beyond the boundaries of religion. I would have stayed in my meditations for the rest of my life if the entities trapped in 3D had not started to implement their own plans to solve the problem that was beginning to threaten the world around my body. So I began my return, a process that took years to prepare me to return to reality.The recovery tasks were split into two groups: the Admin Level, which deals with the system and its tasks, and the Game Level, which deals with the content, i.e. the processes that take place in reality. The Admin Level is not worth talking much about here, because those who are interested in the 'operating system' will find their way to it anyway. But I should say a few words about the operating system itself. Because during the return it became necessary to create an independent spiritual framework, which I named ÉlményPark (ExperiencePark) Holoplatform. Although I created it myself, I used the philosophy of linux to make it available to everyone by installing it on the network of humanity's consciousness, where it already runs automatically. This in turn allowed me to return to the Game.The principle itself consists of two factors. One is IT thinking, which is only apparently far from spirituality, because the world is a mirror. And if I look at this well-defined slice of the world, I can see everything in it that is rational and explainable. On the other hand, if the world is a hologram that resembles an adventure game, it can be easily reconstructed with this IT approach. The first step is to create a new holo operating system, the pieces of which are already in place in the work I have done so far. The second step is to install what I could liken to the internet on the web of human consciousness. The third is to launch it. No one at the level of the average person has to do this, but you can develop under it.The starting points of the projections so far have been the spiritual spheres, the projection system is collective and the realisation is strictly hierarchical. This has made the physical plane extremely vulnerable to the spiritual spheres, where freedom, dissent, democracy and many other things without which the experience of being on the physical plane is indispensable. Of course, I came back with my consciousness from the spiritual planes, but since I was born, I live and understand this world on the physical plane. Therefore (especially as an Aquarian) this power is not dominant, but of a provider nature. Here is a 3D projection Service that you are taking advantage of by living your daily life. As you do so, you are an active participant in the restoration of the world, of which you may not have much of a preconceived notion.Awareness of the recovery takes place at the admin level, where the other main goal is to ensure the players' gaming experience. When I envisioned all this, I imagined the world as if it were a holographic video game. If you look out of the eyes, you can see this adventure game and also feel your way into it. One of the main reasons for the restoration of the adventure game is that, in the meantime, a human-level shift in consciousness has started on Earth that has had unanticipated side effects. One of these is the activity of interveners who use divine power but are not very clever even from a human perspective, which has become visible as the phenomenon of global populism. In the complete absence of expertise, future goals have been flashed up which point to a complete misunderstanding of the current situation, both professionally and in human terms.ÉlményPark has created a spectacular scenario in which the operating system itself is a universal problem-solving application. Since the boundary of the ÉlményPark is also the boundary of the problem, these boundaries move back and forth across different dimensional levels, each with a 3D extension. This ÉlményPark runs so stably that, freed from the ethical concerns that limit the admin task, I can get into this game as a player. In addition to giving me the opportunity for authentic testing, the rules of the game apply to me, which do not prohibit one from developing special abilities by developing oneself. The era of big changes will start in the early to mid 2020s on the physical plane.

The game called LifeAn adventure game called Life is mind-controlled. It all depends on what you know and believe about the world. In addition to these two factors, your position in the game is also influenced by fear and your success seeking - failure avoidance ratio. At the one reality level, the game starts at birth and ends with death for us. We are put in the starting position of the game at birth, which determines our initial possibilities. If we fail to avoid religious initiation in infancy, we are immediately placed in a holo-fantasy game that is extended to the level of reality by those who play in it. But this is not the only holo-game, because our lives are full of events, with all kinds of holo-games opening and closing.When we are born, we also become part of a society with rules of civilisation that organise the world into hierarchies. In addition, you will have a gender that places you in a bound role regardless of the fact that this gender-craze has flared up. The next factor is your physical appearance, the pros and cons of which depend on your perspective. You have three paths to take. The first is a career on the physical plane, in the game itself. The second is spiritual ascension, which can be distracted by the temptations of the physical world. The third way is if you can bring these two into harmony within yourself. Whichever path you choose, each will hold benefits for you and difficulties in its path.If the big question is what is the meaning of life, the four main areas of the ÉlményPark provide the answer:
1. Education - Learning
2. Healing - Curing
3. Experience - Adventure
4. Exploration - Development
Whichever direction you go, after the ascent, it doesn't matter from which you ascended. Most people are looking for experience and adventure. Because that is what we call everyday life, and that is what makes the most of the opportunities that reality offers. In reality, there is a kind of career competition where players compete for game goals. I call these game goals PPP (Pay/Pie, Pussy/Penis, Position), after the success of which the fourth P (Perversion) usually pops up. This competition is tough and often lacks fairness.
Although this race takes place in the visible world, it is still influenced by invisible layers that are built on top of it, which we place in the realm of magic and mysticism. What makes some people more successful than others? What is it that makes some people with strong charisma and others more miserable? Where does this power come from? Can that power influence my decisions? Can I thus fall under the invisible influence of others? Can it be acquired? These are all questions that you will have to find the answers to, but I can help you by introducing you to a tool I have called the Compass of Life. It gives you a chance to filter out manipulation and find your way. It is advisable to put yourself in a quiet place for it, and if that doesn't work, to choose a time of dawn or night. Take out a piece of paper and write down the following: INTEREST, FEELING, DESIRE, THOUGHT. When you are in a decision situation, run your fingers over each of these and observe yourself. The more of these that come to you, the closer you are to the right path. The fewer of these you feel you have, the more you are under the influence of others.Whatever your situation, it's best to aim for the ideal rather than the biggest, the most. Not only because it offers you the chance of happiness, but also because it gives you the greatest peace of mind available to you, where your energies are not drained by the need to suit others. It also allows you to set new goals and prepare for them. Once you have this piece of paper in your hand, turn it over and write the following on it: SUITABILITY, ABILITY, COMPETENCE, FREE WILL. Whatever you're applying for, or whoever you're applying for, you should check each of these, and importantly, there and back. Because people tend to think of them as important in one direction only, but if you plan for the long term, they become just as important in reverse.This brings us to the point of rapid IQ development. It's actually a game where you can test your honesty with yourself. If you succeed, you will gain extremely valuable information that will give you the clarity you need to make the right decisions. All you have to do is imagine yourself realistically through the eyes of others. The path to change is right in front of you and you don't even need an expensive psychologist. But if you want to do the most for yourself the fastest and easiest way, take the opportunity, whether you believe in it or not. Although the system runs an automatic wave update at certain intervals, you can do this 'manually'. Just refresh in your head! When in doubt, imagine a Update button and press it.

Modern magicThe fear of magic and the inequalities that come with its use are the first reason why I see the benefits of talking about fair play provided by an independent spiritual framework. While one of the best defences against magic is not to believe in it, it is better to put it all under a set of rules of the game where even an ordinary person can win against a master. As well as making the game more exciting, the reason for doing so is to ensure the success of our intervention towards world restoration. Unfortunately, there are many players on the field who think they are admin, all seeking to advance their own interests, often through deceit, lies or even power from others for their own ends. But, as I said, the new system is now coming into its own, and the many 'gods' are now officially becoming regular players. I'm also fulfilling the third Aquarius director's directive, which is: cause as much of a mess as possible.From a practical point of view, the ordinary person doesn't necessarily need to know anything about it. On the one hand, because everyone has their own R2 in their head, the personal spiritual assistant here called MIA, who-which automatically does the necessary tasks. Because if the most important character in the game is the player, who lives in reality, such things don't exist... which the MIA adapts to. On the other hand, in a reality dominated by science, people in the classical game position don't work magic on each other, at least not consciously. Therefore, the system protects the level of the common man despite the fact that those reading this must have already transcended it.Where you can still live the life of an ordinary person, just in a different league, where friends and opponents are more aware. In this league, even recently developed hologames can now be consciously launched against each other. Such hologames have been created by everyone who has ever had a plan in their life. Only now, not in the framework of raw implementation, but in the general rules of hologames, which also pays attention to things that previously fell into the category of not knowing other aspects. Moreover, here even sudden impulses that are later regretted can be retracted up to certain limits. It makes it all more enjoyable, fairer and safer without anyone asking for your freedom in return.We've now reached the boundary that separates the world of gamers from the world of content developers, game masters, healers and those who are at the admin stage of Game Level. The latter are those who have awakened to a level of risk-taking and responsibility where they are willing to sacrifice their own interests in order to restore the world within their means. Even though they live in the real world and work for money, they have reached a level of realisation that something is wrong and this cannot go on. They have started to do something about it and they are getting the technical support of the ÉlményPark to do this in the optimal way they believe.I would like to draw your attention to the fact that the ÉlményPark is multidimensional and transmits from a very high level, and also has a deep transcendence. It is neither a cult nor a religion, but rather a tool for those who want to meditate outside of religion. However, its philosophy of making is constructive and creative, so it does not deny the world outside of itself, but works with all those in whom it sees the right intention and purpose. In a sense, a hologram is an intelligent light that becomes meaningful when it interacts with a consciousness. But here it has interacted with several consciousnesses, so the ÉlményPark has become a completely new way of looking at the problem, far from claiming to be a religion.But it is open to a new form of magic, holo install and the data transmission system based on it, which eliminates the dependence on person and place. As the first series has already released a complete series of free training and task sets, worth checking out. Closely related to this series is the Holo Store, which is more recommended for those who already have some skills. A complex guarantee system is in place to avoid abuse and to highlight talent. As there are no compatibility issues in the hologram, these energies work well in closed micro-environments. Anyone interested in this new spiritual high technology should visit my websites from time to time for more information and news.

Scientific positionBy the end of the last century, science had made breakthroughs in many areas, which are now known as quantum physics. At the University of Paris in 1982, a team of researchers led by the now Nobel Prize-winning physicist Alain Aspect discovered that, under certain conditions, subatomic particles such as electrons can communicate instantaneously with each other, regardless of the distance between them. This discovery has excited scientists from other disciplines, some of whom have tried to explain it. University of London physicist David Bohm, for example, has concluded that Alain Aspect's results are an indirect refutation of objective reality. So the tangible solid form of the universe is only apparent, the reality that everyone experiences is a gigantic hologram. Experiments with holograms have shown that each slice of the hologram contains all the original information. According to Bohm, the reason subatomic particles can stay in contact with each other, regardless of distance, is not because some mysterious signal flows between them. Instead, their separation is nothing more than an illusion that deceives the observer, that is, in some deeper layer of reality, these particles are not separate entities but extensions of a fundamental whole. We see the particles separated because we perceive only a slice of reality. Such particles are not separate, but part of a deeper whole that behaves as a holographic indivisible whole. And because everything in physical reality is built up from this, the universe is an illusion. Karl Pribram, a neurophysiologist at Stanford University who works in the field of brain research, is also convinced that the reality may be holographic. Pribram first learned about the hologram principle in the 1960s, and then realised he had found the explanation that brain scientists had long sought. According to the researcher, memories are not stored by a small cluster of neurons or nerve cells, but are carried in a pattern of neural impulses encoded in the way that interference from laser light stores a holographic image. In other words, according to Pribram, our brain is a holographic repository. This theory also explains how the brain can store so much memory in such a small space. This extraordinary capacity for memory is not the only puzzling brain activity that is made more understandable by the holographic brain model. At least as mysterious is how the brain is able to cope with the flood of different frequencies hitting the senses and how it is able to interpret the signals from the senses in real time. According to Pribram, the brain uses a holographic principle to mathematically transform received frequencies. Hugo Zucarelli, an Argentinian-born Italian researcher, has extended the holographic model to acoustic phenomena. This theory can explain how people can determine the exact source of sound without turning their head, even if they only hear with one ear. Yet the most striking aspect of Pribram's holographic brain model is when it is compared with Bohm's theory of reality. The tangible image of the world becomes a secondary reality, and the actual environment becomes a holographic cavalcade of frequencies. From this, the holographic brain selects only a few important frequencies and interprets them as sensory signals. The fusion of Bohm's and Pribram's theories, an approach known as the holographic paradigm, has been greeted with scepticism by many researchers, but has excited others. Some even believe that this model may be able to solve mysteries that have not yet been scientifically described, and that it may even make parapsychological phenomena part of nature. In the universe described by the holographic paradigm, each brain is part of the invisible whole, and telepathy is merely the attainment of the holographic level. In a similar way, telekinesis (the movement of objects by the will) also ceases to be a mystery, since in the intertwined deeper reality the individual and the object are inherently one. Both Bohm and Pribram remind us that many religious or mystical experiences, such as the sense of transcendent oneness with the universe, may also be the achievement of the holographic level. In the old writings, the same, the attainment of a deeper reality, may have been meant when they described a sense of cosmic oneness (Read more about this here)

Interpreted to the level of the average personIf the world is a hologram, the question arises: who are we, how and why did we get into it? Now these are the three questions that can be answered in the name of esotericism. Esotericism means 'inner world', so you will not get answers from me, speaking to you from the outer world. The word 'esotericism' is now associated with adjectives such as 'fool', 'cult' and 'magic', which are natural reactions of people with a lower view of the subject from the outside. If you have read and understood what has been written here so far, you can tell that you are no longer at the perspective you were at before, but you are not yet at the point where you understand everything. We have come to the first stage, the point where you can start your own journey with the information you have acquired so far. For after this you will learn more and more of my interpretation and the more you learn about it, the more you will accept my truth. But without an exploratory spirit and a detective vein, it is worth clicking on the Next button, where a world awaits you that will change the way you think and affect your quality of life.

EsotheriaFirst of all, it is worth clarifying what esotericism is. In the classical sense, it is nothing more than shutting out the outside world and starting to observe yourself with your mind. Since your inner study of yourself is far removed from the goals that are normal according to the rules of social consensus (career, family, money, work), you will be seen as a 'non-normal' person who avoids them. We now know that inside you will be aiming to bring your mind to the holographic level, but no one in your environment will understand this and only your friends will accept it. The more successful you become in exploring your inner world, the more you move up the rungs and get to greater and greater horizons, the more of a fool you become in the eyes of those around you. But it will also be the other way round, you will not understand why what you see is not seen by others and worse, why they don't want to see it. And at the end of the process, you come to meditation, when your mind reaches the holographic level. But what do you find there? The whole world. But what exactly is the hologram that the average person identifies with the holographic image? These three-dimensional photographs are made using lasers. The object to be captured is first scanned with a laser beam. The light from a second beam interferes with the reflected pattern and this pattern is captured on film. When developed, the film is just a cavalcade of light and dark lines, but when illuminated by laser light, a three-dimensional image of the original object appears. But holograms are not only special because of the three-dimensional image. When a hologram of a rose is cut in half and illuminated by a laser, both halves contain the full image, albeit on a smaller scale. If the pieces are further chopped, each small piece contains the original whole image. Unlike traditional photographs, each slice of a hologram contains the whole of the original information. So if you look inside yourself at a small slice of yourself and shine an illuminated light (in the absence of a laser) on it, you will find the original information, i.e. the whole world, inside you. The aim of esotericism is to find this path. Since this path can only be found within yourself alone, anyone who goes to esoteric groups or cults for this reason is on the wrong path. The purpose of such groups would be to prepare you and guide you to the gate of meditation, but since information is also power, this original purpose has been hijacked by vested interests of all kinds. In such groups much can be learned and the process of turning inward can be accelerated by initiation (which drugs as meditation tools can also do). But there is always the risk that these diverted goals will become disinterested in letting you go and overriding your individual path with the promise of communal goals. Here I would like to make it clear that when you receive initiation, you are not receiving it from others, but you are being opened to what is yours, only sooner... so that they can access it, or later only they can access it. Sooner if you take on the work, time, sacrifice and pain that comes with it, that makes you ripe for these gifts. If you don't take them on, then you have to accept your assigned place in a hierarchy in exchange for what you have to give them. This has nothing to do with esotericism, at least certainly not yours. Esotericism can only be done by yourself. People often confuse this with magic, where the goal is not to examine yourself, but to enforce your intentions on others. The line between the two is sharp, but as your definition of 'yourself' changes, it moves.

- What is the difference between meditating alone and meditating in a group? Because for me, meditating in a group is also esoteric.
- What's the difference between starting a company and working so that you can have a big company and going to work for a big company? Because both are work. Only in the first, you make your own rules under your own logo, while in the second, you do it under someone else's logo and by someone else's rules.

Studying the hologramI researched the hologram in much the same way scientists would in a field that science is just beginning to explore. The biggest difference is that science works in an objective environment through proofs and mathematical verification, and studying something by myself is a subjective environment in which it is impossible to prove to others. In fact, no one can prove sleep dreams, yet everyone experiences them, so they exist, they just cannot be mathematically proven. Still, the mind can strive for objectivity and establish laws. For example, the flexibility and automatism of the hologram, and the humanly inconceivable property of what the English language calls 'all-in-one'. This is in fact a background environment for us, which is sometimes rather crude in its realisation, but which depends essentially on two factors. What you know and believe about the world. Essentially what you believe is what you have. But humans have two hemispheres, so belief and knowledge are closely related. I believe that the rational half of our brain is responsible for reality, while the intuitive half is connected to a spiritual internet where our mind is the browser. Most people use this internet only at the level of intuition, but by developing your brain it holds much more potential. Try to draw a conclusion from these, because we will soon compare it with other conclusions.

Modern understanding of the worldKnowledge is the present ability to access the possibilities. With the discovery of the hologram, this knowledge creates the possibility for today's man to create a completely new understanding of the world, capable of replacing the old. I have collected the necessary scientific findings on the hologram and compared them with Eastern philosophies and Western esoteric teachings, and then compared them with my own observations of the hologram. And I compared the conclusion with the world = mirror theory and found an explanation that really doesn't need to be taught because everyone already knows it. One theory I have is that the technological leap in the world is in sync with the spiritual level leap of some people, but since most people are not dealing with the inner consciousness at all, the 'world=hologram' is putting information in front of people as a mirror... that no one can see or understand. The most spectacular of these is the internet itself, which reflects the network of consciousness quite accurately. But it's not the only such reflection and I point this out here because it's the basis of the new world view that would make anyone who hasn't read the previous ones burst out laughing. For all the direct and indirect evidence suggests that the world is nothing but a holographic video game that we live in = play in. This game can be controlled by the mind and there would be nothing strange about it if the people playing it had not forgotten that. If it is such a video game, many things that have hitherto been in the realm of the mystical become easy to understand and explain. If you move on from here, you will gain insight into the work I am currently doing alongside my meditations and you will also gain information that will change your life.

When I was a little kid, I vividly remember my mother waking me up on December 1 by pulling the curtains and seeing the snow falling outside. When I got older, playing in the big snow was one of the experiences of my life. This was something that later generations did not have.When I was born, the world population was 3.5 billion. When I grew up, it grew to 4.5 billion. Now there are 8 billion so there are regions of the world that are facing a population explosion.I grew up in a big city, but there was no internet or mobile phones. If a solar flare were to happen now and take out our planet's power grid, imagine our global civilisation not being prepared for that. If the power went out everywhere, there would be no back-up power to quickly replace it. Here we would be without electricity, internet, then food and water.When I was a child, I lived in a world where the state took care of people. Then that world changed, it moved into a 'free market economy' and control was in the hands of people who call themselves politicians. But there was a brief period between the two worlds when the new political power had not yet been consolidated and I experienced an atmosphere of freedom that no Westerner had ever experienced. It turned out that the world worked like that. Then the banks came along and everything went wrong.As a child, you don't know anything about the world. You learn as you go along, first by watching your parents and then by going to school. Therefore, wherever you live on Earth, you will take for granted the world you grow up in. Your goals will turn towards career and family, in which you will become deeper and deeper into the dependent role provided by the state and expected by society. Once you're in it, it's too late to realize the flaws of the world, because you're already part of a comfort-based system from which you would find yourself on the periphery if you broke out.Is there any way out of this for the individual? Is everything predestined and controlled by fate? Does the mind have the possibility of free will choice to prevent the collapse of our civilization? If so, how? Is there any way and means? What can a little person do?

How the world worksWhen you first start to doubt what you know and believe about the world, you naturally turn to alternative knowledge outside the official channels. One stops the news consumption habits of the past and is struck by the fact that one sees a similar world dominated by all kinds of beliefs, including religions. If one is looking for authoritative channels, one is happy to have evidence, but from now on, everyone can only create it for themselves. Much depends on how far we can overcome the temptations of belonging to a community and develop the ability to sense authentic people and then build a picture for ourselves from the mosaic we have gathered.Most people undergo a religious initiation as infants, after which they pick up a pattern that is very difficult to see. We pick up such patterns in many areas of life, which shape our thinking in ways that require deeper thought to change. It's enough to absorb the news, watch movies, read books and live in a world of advertising. The world is awash with manipulation, which leads to an interesting conclusion: that humans are programmable. If man can be programmed, he can be reprogrammed, and here too it is worth starting to learn about the world, by programming ourselves to take on the role of objective observer. In other words, we practically cleanse ourselves, because that is the only way to get to the point where we can trust ourselves and our intuition.The question may arise: why would it be necessary to know the world? What do we gain by understanding how the world works? Is it worth risking it at the expense of family, friends and career? Because the deeper we get into it, the further we move away from it. The more we form our own opinions about the world, the more we are seen as fools, because only a mad person can be a fool who doesn't go with the flow.In my situation, society sees many disadvantages that have become advantages in my eyes. I was in the baby basket when my parents moved to Budapest, so although I was socialised here, I still don't have an embedded background of family and friends. I didn't get married until I was 30 and I took the plunge to the periphery in order to get an answer to an essential question. I had already realised that the world was run by people who were unworthy of the elite, driven by self-interest, and I had no desire to be one of them or to serve their system. I was following my instincts along a path that an outsider would have seen as a waste of a reasonable man's talent. Which is true until I reach the end of that road. Here again, what successful businessmen say is true: you have to trust yourself, you have to get through the difficulties and if you persevere, success will not be denied. To which I would add that if you don't bite the honeycomb on the way, you will find the honey there later. But in this case, success must be followed by another success, which society sees as success.At the time of the regime change, my friends and I were on the street, mingling with a crowd of people pouring out of a modern church worship. As luck would have it, I found the key to the world where I wasn't looking for it. I had not been baptised and even as a child I had a bad feeling about priests. As an enlightened, modern, thinking person, I couldn't understand how all these apparently intelligent people could believe all this bullshit. Then I had the idea that I would look into it, and it seemed that I had the will to do so. And about 10 years later I found myself in my apartment with the realization that I was meditating. We are now 20 years out of time and I have spent those 20 years meditating at an extremely tense pace, 0-24. I think I can say for myself that no human being (including Jesus, Mohammed and Buddha) has ever come closer to knowing the world, because I have done it with my individual consciousness, in a scientific spirit, as objectively as possible.I have found the answer to some of the questions I have asked here before. The thing is, you'll have to use your own intuition here, because in your eyes I'm one of many who claims something... if you don't want to take the inconvenience of similar explorations. Because if you care about the answers to these questions, you can find out if there is a way out and what a little person can do. There are two ways to get the answers to how the world works. One, you graduate from the necessary university, preferably with a liberal arts or philosophy degree, and you add law and economics to that. With the serious omission later that you would also need a degree in psychology, not to mention quantum physics. The other way is into yourself.

Inner and outer worldThe last century has seen breakthroughs in many fields of science that suggest that the reality we all experience is a hologram. These discoveries have led science to quantum physics, but it is not the only way to understand the world.What is important to know about a hologram is that any tiny element you study contains all the information. This means that everything is connected at the holographic level, because the hologram behaves as an indivisible whole. A pimple on your body is also connected to your favourite night star in the sky, although it lacks logical connections at first glance. In fact, it takes many more glances before you get to the point where this hologram of the macro- and microcosm is also compared to the observation that the world = mirror.If you examine a small part of yourself within yourself and illuminate it with enlightened light, you will find the whole world within yourself. Just as you can only see a three-dimensional image on a piece of paper made with a holographic process if you illuminate it with coherent light. Then, as you cut a small piece of it with scissors and illuminate it again, you will see not the small piece, but the whole image in miniature. Because you are part of the hologram, if you look at yourself, you have access to the whole image if you can illuminate it, that is, you find the whole universe within yourself. Although many people say all sorts of things about it, in fact the purpose of esotericism is to find this way.In the eyes of those who live in the reality of the outside world, a man who is absorbed in him/herself is a fool. Except that if you're an Indian yogi or a Tibetan monk, they may not think so. So the adjective fool reflects the opinion of the person who is doing such a thing as a non-professional in the world of professionals, where only a yogi or a lama can be a professional. But the fact is that Knowledge is also holographic information. A lot of learning and preparation is not about acquiring this knowledge, it's about how you get to access this knowledge... and more importantly, how your brain can handle it and what you do with it.My brain had opened up to the spiritual realms due to a couple of head injuries earlier and a combination of fortunate factors, but I had to work with it hard (often for months with severe pain) to get it to handle what I dared to dream. Or someone else who couldn't make it happen. And slowly we are getting to the point where there is a connection between the inner and the outer world, for which our language only knows two words, dream and magic. If I were to try to describe the dream in other words, perhaps the closest would be goal programme and goal intention. It is interesting that our word dream means both what we see while we sleep and what we formulate as a goal for ourselves to achieve. And magic is when we use an inner force to enforce our intentions on the outside world. Is there a difference between the two? Only in layman's terms.Those who get beyond thoughts of power over others can enter a world that focuses on healing. For if there is a connection between the inner and outer worlds, what you see outside may be a mirror of an inner problem that even a small person can heal. I rarely recommend books, but there is one that deals specifically with this. The healing power of illness, by Thornwald Dethlefsen and Rüdiger Dahlke. But it is not only in the West, but also in the East that the holographic nature of the world has been realised, the mandalas, for example, are very eloquent, not to mention the teachings on the transcendence of consciousness.What makes these very hard to believe is the very strong influence of your mind crying out for immediate evidence, but not realising it, and the very strong influence of reality. Reality itself is a highly credible dream projected by your rational brain and keeping you in a world that could be a game. But you are playing that it is a hard reality where everything must be proven... and the world (=hologram) conforms to your beliefs. In researching the hologram, I made the following discovery. It acts like an adventure game program that we live in. Your mind can control this game called life, in which your position in the game is basically determined by two things: what you know and believe about the world. Mind you, non-belief is a form of belief here and you don't have to be religious at all to make big changes even in a short period of time.

The two hemispheres of the brainAlthough full Knowledge is present in every element of the hologram, it is not easily accessible. If the world's greatest rulers and high priests of the Middle Ages or antiquity were able to access the great secrets of the future, what could they understand from Einstein's theory of relativity, or even from a quadratic equation? Through this small example, you can see that the fact that you have access to Knowledge means nothing if you are not competent to interpret it. Because being the greatest can only mean competence in access, not competence in profession. The same is what the term 'enlightened light' means, but in the other hemisphere. But since you have two hemispheres, you have to prepare both, but unfortunately, human life is not enough for that.Access competence is not linked to any external condition for the individual. Even the mind of a farmer doing monotonous work in the fields can reach the holographic level, without having to be a Tibetan monk. But the holographic level is a collective state of being. In this world, however, individuals are born and grow up in an external world where each person is an autonomous being independent of the other. This is because this world is dominated by the rational hemisphere of our brain, which is responsible for projecting the external world, i.e. reality. We also have another, intuitive hemisphere of the brain, which is involved in the spiritual world, but it is not material. Since the spiritual world is fundamentally closed to evidence, it is not easy to reconcile and harmonise this in individuals, because these two worlds are fundamentally at opposition to each other.One side of the brain needs evidence and the other needs faith-based acceptance. Which this side cannot do without evidence, but then the power of faith will not work and you will remain in reality. A question arises here, is it really wrong to live in the reality of the outside world? What if, for the individual, union with the collective consciousness, which is enlightenment, is for the collective consciousness the same as emergence in the individual? Because in that case one should only stop in the middle, i.e. stay in reality and tune the other hemisphere of the brain to it.As you can guess, understanding the world is far from simple, because human capacity is fundamentally calibrated to reality. In reality, knowledge is accumulated by the discoveries and inventions of previous ages being passed on to posterity, who carry them on. Knowledge is thus the present capacity for the availability of possibilities. Two opposing processes are currently taking place in the world. In one, scientific progress has accelerated, artificial intelligence has appeared in the everyday world, quantum physics is advancing at a rapid pace, while in the other, the increasing activity of the other hemisphere is being observed in masses of people.This other hemisphere of the brain connects us to the spiritual world, but there is a big problem. Because this hemisphere is not rational, the reasoning in it is not logical. In practice, these are the people who are susceptible to populism and believe everything their idolised leaders say. Behind this phenomenon lies a hierarchy, the source of which I have spent a lot of time identifying, but I have also reached the religious frontier. Religions are really interpretations of the world upon which earthly institutions have been built and require the same kind of prior faith and trust that I have seen in esoteric groups. However, there is a logical flaw in the existence of these groups (as well as religions), to which the mental planes choose the same fallacy as we see in the world of the other hemisphere. To help you understand, I will give you a personal example. When I started studying the spiritual world, I did it objectively, in a scientific spirit. An unbaptized person is said to be an atheist, but the atheist denies the existence of God, but the denial is contrary to the scientific view. For, although there is no proof of the existence of God, there is no proof to the contrary, so research cannot exclude that possibility.So one hemisphere of the brain associates the recognition of God with proof of God, but there is no uniform interpretation of who or what we mean by that. So it is certainly worth clarifying the concept so that we understand and speak of the same thing. For, philosophically speaking, if you are an atheist, i.e. if you deny the existence of God, you are in fact acknowledging him as the object of your denial. I have been through some very serious meditations on the research of God, which turned out to be no different from the research of death and the research of dreams. For the dream world equals the spiritual world, from which death on the physical plane is as much an illusion as the physical plane itself. Here I would like to refer to a story that I have not found on the internet, about hypnosis. It is interesting that some topics just disappear from the internet, so in the absence of proof, let this remain a story for now. In the experiment, the person under hypnosis was made to believe that the coins in his hands were glowing pieces of metal and that his hands were burnt. This can be fully explained by the hologram theory. In the eyes of science, this is tantamount to a refutation of objective reality, but in the holographic universe it can be explained. Again, in the hologram, everything depends on what you know and believe about the world. Hypnosis has turned off mind control and given free rein to the power of belief, which can also be rationally explained by this theory.Everything suggests that the world we live in is a simulation of reality. In fact, I will go further, because it is more than a simulation. When I compare my observations in different fields, I find a single logical explanation in the common set. The human brain is actually a holo-computer that acts as a control unit and communicates with the network of consciousness just as your mobile phone does with your cells. It really seems that reality is organised and there is at least one intelligence behind it. In a sentence, the world is like a holographic video game in which we live and play this game called reality.If you've ever seen Star Trek, it's very easy to understand the situation when the spaceship arrives at a planet inhabited by beings in an early stage of development. But from the point of view of a being living on a planet, it's science fiction on the edge of the unthinkable. It's a load of bullshit and loses its seriousness and credibility for anyone who takes it seriously. How fortunate that I here on the periphery give a damn.

The hologramThe starting point is that the world around us is a hologram, scientifically proven. And after interpreting the observations collected, it is very likely that it is not just any hologram, but rather a consciously designed holographic video game in which we live and play this game called Reality. This, however, raises some questions that will inevitably be discussed further.Let's first look at the properties of a hologram. Since we are looking at it from the physical plane and interpreting it from our own world, we can look at it as hardware. Yes, but if it is only a projection, the source of which is the mental plane, then the term hardware, while meaningful, is not quite accurate. I would rather call it intelligent light, which is empty until a consciousness interacts with it. After that, this emptiness fills with content, which we might as well call a holo installation. Religious literature certainly calls it creation.If we try to interpret the phenomenon in 3D, we cannot abstract from time, because 3D is made up of three spatial dimensions and one time dimension. If we call this higher dimensional interaction of consciousness T0, it will be the cause of everything. But because of the nature of time, we always put the cause in the past, but T0 does not work like that. If we accept the proposition that this interaction can be determined at a point in time, it can in no way be the very first event of the past, because that point behaves as a wave and it waves in both directions of time. However, for us, from a practical point of view, this does not make sense, so a second cause is created in 3D, which logically does. When the story is created in the hologram, we consider the last wave of the story to be the first wave in time and from then on it is all about the evolution of events to take the position of T0.Our world lives in an extreme state of reality, which means that the elements perceive themselves in isolation from each other. Since we perceive everything separately, it is natural for us to measure, do and look outside. If we build something outside, look outside and do outside, we give it demonstrable and objective characteristics. The other hemisphere, on the other hand, is not objective at all, because its nature is based on dreams, on stories, which can change according to the storyteller's intentions. These dreams break through the objectivity of reality, which requires evidence, but some of them get through, what we call magic. From the dream perspective, it's incomprehensible why we build machines for everything and monitor our instruments when all these things exist in you, you've just forgotten how to perceive them. When a naturopath transmits cosmic energy through the palms of their hands, it's a much more advanced solution in their eyes than building a machine to do it all. We build machines because we live in the 'play' mode of this hologram and the more capable we make ourselves of transmitting cosmic energy, the further we get from the play experience.These two opposing hemispheres of the brain have been able to create a functioning world here because the hologram has an interesting property, which I call the automatism of the hologram. To put it a bit bluntly, it means that in a hologram, even a fool can create, because the elements assemble themselves in ways that the human mind has difficulty comprehending. There is a term for this in English: all-in-one. Everything comes into a logical relationship with everything else and truth is created. But this does not mean that another interpretation cannot produce another truth if the relationship between the elements can be explained in another way. When I said at the beginning that our world is heading for collapse, it is worth reminding everyone of another thing, namely that the other hemisphere is neither physical nor logical reason. In other words, don't expect the creator to see things the same way and think the same way as you do, because if that were the case, no ancient civilisation would ever have collapsed. Your knowledge is only the present ability to access information, which is largely dependent on your perspective and the information available to you. This problem is circumvented by religion with the noble simplicity that the Lord's intentions are inscrutable (my child). This world can only be saved by the other truth, which until it comes to life is but a lie from the perspective of the first truth.The physical environment around you is just a decoration, which is not at all important from the point of view of the consciousness position. But for those of us who live in it, it is very important. Let's look at the qualities of this hologram that we can use to create a better situation for ourselves. The most effective way of understanding the world for modern man is to imagine the outside world as if it were a holographic video game in which we live = play. In this interpretation, mysticism, the angel and the higher self are all explained. In this interpretation, you are a self-awakening character who now knows that you can mind control this game and that you can develop this character in the same way you would see in a game console adventure game.Your position is determined by two things: what you know and believe about the world. Knowing these now does not make everyone a more evolved character immediately, but it can shake up your previously ingrained beliefs. Which is an equally essential element of this game. I, for one, can believe this without being religious. When I said a Lord's Prayer for the first time in my life while researching the spiritual world and higher dimensional space opened up above me, pouring out amazing energies, I didn't convert, but thought that if this were a holographic game program, I would do the same. Though with double authentication, not just a plain verbal code. And so I did about 10 years later when I developed the independent spiritual platform = holo operating system needed to save our world. Because in a hologram the information is not isolated, it is in your head and you have access to it.

Multiplex projectionThe collapse of a civilisation can be caused by external or internal factors. Ours is currently on a decline arc, which includes a rapid collapse, because the current situation is unsustainable in many ways. Despite the warnings of experts, decision-makers either dare not take the necessary steps or it is not in their interest to do so. In the global race, those who take the long view will fail in the short term. Although I have not gone into it in depth, I have mentioned that the intricate web of intentions is connected to and can shape the fabric of reality. Even if one does not directly want disaster, one's other interests create the possibility of it. A good example of this systemic flaw is the pharmaceutical lobby, whose business interest is to get as many sick people as possible. Or the oil monarchies, who have a vested interest in you using a petrol car. Or the farmers who fertilise until the land is completely exhausted and then there is nothing left to feed this insanely growing population. The game has long since signalled a system failure, but whoever would do something would have to face the greatest force of all: the countervailing interests of losing your comfort. Until trouble is at your doorstep, everyone shut the fuck up!At the horizon where humanity's game level is, the solution has narrow edges. One solution is to accelerate the pace of space exploration. We find new places for humanity, we find new raw materials, we find new farmland... but no one but us is enthusiastic about the proliferation of such an aggressive, self-destructive, warlike species in space. The other solution is to trust in science, and to trust that when disaster strikes, companies will take an interest in averting it. But the companies are backed by rich people who will have enough money not to be personally affected by the problem... if the money is worth anything. Nor can we trust that the world's overpopulating societies will suddenly realise that only 1-2 children would be ideal. Especially in light of the fact that one of the collective survival techniques is based on the law of large numbers. In the developed countries, although the population is shrinking, it is putting a strain on the pension system and companies will not get involved because profits cannot be reduced, what will shareholders say. Those who see the systemic failure and change will move away from money, influence and the ability to do anything meaningful. World leaders are just treating the symptoms and the visible decline is upon us. Everyone trusts the politicians who have long since legislated the plundering of the poor for the benefit of the rich. The only way to escape from this situation is to resort to medieval psychological tricks of power. The free world that brought us progress is already under threat in America. This is more or less the case if we look for solutions to problems outside.The other way is to take seriously the proposition that if we put order within ourselves, that order will be reflected in the outside world. This, however, is tantamount to what religions identify with the saviour, who has been misrepresented as coming from outside. Outside, in this situation, order could only be brought about by a global dictatorship, where those who actively resist orders are immediately shot. But not only those, because if anyone wanted to restore the ideal number of humanity, he would have to carry out a mass murder that would make Hitler look like a little blonde girl with a bow in his hair. Jesus would instantly become Satan in the eyes of the part of humanity that suffers what is happening. What is really happening here, however, is that this world in its unscrupulous siphoning of natural resources is manifesting itself as a disease at the level of the Living Earth, to which overpopulation is the body's immune system's reaction. This includes things like the way we treat the animal kingdom, to give just two examples, the grinding of chicks alive and the boiling alive of crabs. These all trigger a backlash on levels from which the end is slowly but surely coming for us. But there is another side to the coin. Without progress, we'd still be foraging in caves, hunting in the woods and never getting out into space.Not to mention that when you go to the store to buy eggs from caged hens or meat from mechanised slaughterhouses, you are not personally an evil person, as your dog will confirm to the collective consciousness. Island nations suffering rising ocean levels are not directly responsible for global warming, and you are not responsible for the plastic waste littering the seas if you use separate waste bins. But collectively, no one cares about individuals and you are part of humanity. If we don't care about individuals, the end will come for those who have made a lot of progress. From the collective level, there is no difference between the Krishna-conscious believer who throws flower petals and the wolves on Wall Street. And these are problems that can only be addressed by the independent observer who, as a thinking person, arrives here as an individual and avoids the professional audience kneeling with pious eyes to the sky. Just think about it! If you are expecting a saviour in the form you have been taught, then this person is a dupe who takes your sins upon himself so that you can continue to commit them in peace. Since the hologram you believe is what you have, this may be why this savior is not coming, or why everyone is frantically looking for an idiot to put in that role. So the saviour is the one who does for you the job you could do for yourself if you gave up at least some of your comfort. But I've come up with something better than that, because you know what a normal world should be like and you will make it happen.I don't feel like a saviour, but when my consciousness reached the upper dimensional levels, I found problems where it was good to have a logical rational person. I started to get very serious about solving these problems, and 3D came in handy, where time allows the elements to be sequenced. I needed three basic things. Maximum peace of mind, a normal world around me and a 3D timeline. I'm going in order. I had to develop the greatest peace of mind on my own, under civilizational stress caused by a lack of income, while having ample resources. But I refused to succumb for it. If I did, the world would end and I would be in it for nothing. I should have bowed to those who were the beneficiaries of it all and then I would have been better off with the masters of the other hemisphere in a multi-corporation. The normal world around me was also beginning to disappear, which I do not wish to waste any more words on than a Jefferson quote. When injustice becomes law, resistance becomes responsibility. Which is not easy in a system of collective cooperation from heaven with so many little people. But what really settles the issue is the third, because if the end of the world comes and 3D is gone, so is the timeline that is essential to solving the XD problems. So I had to suspend work and start the return to consciousness. Never before has anyone's consciousness risen so high from the physical plane and never before has anyone returned so high to the physical plane. So, as a problem-solving professional, I am actually coming into my field, but I can tell you that it is much easier to solve a problem from the outside than from the inside and easier to solve other people's problems than our own. Nevertheless, I did not run away from it and I named it, it became multiplex projection. What's really unique about it is that it starts from the quality of the individual and moves from that perspective towards the collective.Multiple projection is essentially the same as the new construction of human consciousness. The principle is what you would immediately understand if you had a bunch of empty fields and an overcrowded one. What you're thinking of now is what I was thinking of and it can only work if all these people disappear from here without leaving any corpses. Yes, but who should disappear, where and on what principles? I worked it all out as if I were constructing a game program, with the mental planes above us and the access points. The ordering principle is as follows. The framework itself is a spatial cylindrical shape and should be thought of as a tower block. The floors of the tower block correspond to levels defined by predefined parameters. Each person has a vision of their way of life, these are the nodes of reality where people of the same quality and vision are placed. If you look at the cylinder from above, you see a circle in which all of these directions can be placed so that the closer your position is to the centre, the more you can adapt to the others. Each person has a room in this building, which corresponds to a world of its own behind one of the doors of one of the reality nodes on one of the floors. The system is not static, because as you progress (or even decline), you change floors (and even positions). The big change from the old one is that you don't have to wait to die to change levels, because you can travel in a dream.This will create learning worlds where all the people who are responsible for the collapse can experience it and what happens afterwards. But those who have evolved enough and changed in time will not have to share this and there will be those who can carry on this global civilization as evolved humans. The outside world is just a stage set that can be holographically repaired. What kind of world you wake up in your bed in the morning is behind the years of work I have done to organize the journey of consciousness. In fact, it took dream and death research.

Dream and Death ResearchOn the outside, there are branches of science that deal with the research of dreams and death. That is, the human rational brain has accumulated a lot of knowledge about this. It turns out that sleep has different phases that generate different brainwaves of different frequencies. Death is much harder to study scientifically. This mainly means animal experiments where they can study death immediately before and immediately after. It also means research based on the accounts of people returning from death. Both disciplines straddle the borderline between religion and esotericism. In reality, however, they are also brain scientists, and they look at the other side of the brain from the rational mind. In other words, they explore spirituality from the perspective of reality.My research takes place in meditation, i.e. in a suitable state of consciousness to examine the holographic information available on the subject. There can be much discussion about how to and how to prepare for this, because without the knowledge it is not possible to interpret this information properly. But care must be taken with what we have learned about this beforehand, lest it influence our interpretation of the data. I understand here school and faith-based background, because the flexibility of the hologram is also adapted to your faith here. In this subjective environment, objective interpretation is incredibly difficult. My position as an observer is that of a man of extraordinary intelligence, far removed from religions and professional training, but with a broad knowledge of the world. This seems to be the ideal, but not to science, who expect specialized training and practice for recognition, nor to the spiritual community, who lack the prior faith in which to interpret the world. So I am forced to do research without their recognition, which is not an impossible life situation for me.Let's start with dream research. When everyone has dreams while they sleep, they are direct evidence of two things. First, the existence of a third eye, because even when your eyes are not open, you can still see images. The second is the existence of lower and upper worlds, or parallel realities. Objectively, it is difficult to research this because the role of the brain is not only to receive signals from the universe, but also to shape it, so it can determine the truth of the projection. How do you measure and research something that is so malleable and intelligent that it can tailor its responses to your own beliefs and your mind's ability to interpret? Because that means as many researchers as there are answers, and those answers will be different for a Christian, a Muslim, a Jew, a Hindu and a Buddhist scientist. I have no such prior beliefs, but my own interpretive environment is based on informatics, which is neutral, objective and explicable.In this interpretation, I have found that dreams can be different depending on how deep they take you. When you sleep, it corresponds to an extremely deep meditation, unconstrained by mind control but influenced by its knowledge. Your brain is a 3D holographic computer that would not initially be able to perceive higher dimensional cues, but it can piece together something from them that you associate with life situations and people you know. Depending on how deep the level of consciousness is during sleep, we can talk about post-suggestive programs, higher dimensional two-way communication and interventions in other realities. This two-way communication is not verbal, but the stories themselves are the language. Dreams are not at the level of the individual, but a collective XD pattern. And your brain brews from what it has, so the end result is often bizarre, strange and incomprehensible because it tries to associate things and individuals closest to the collective pattern. However, this information is irrelevant to your life in a practical sense, but your visits to parallel realities are not. You recognise parallel realities from the fact that their physical laws operate in the same way as they do here and your other senses can be activated, such as touch and smell. My logical conclusion is that you are present as an occupier by virtue of your own abilities in such cases and this also means that you can be present in the same capacity from other realities here when you are awake. When I look at it all from a higher dimension, I only see levels where what is dream and what is reality is all the same. Especially in 3D and here I would refer to a visionary sage experiment where you can experience an entire human life in a 10 minute trip. Who knows what really happens during the 8 hours you sleep? Especially in light of what dream research assumes, that a dream you think is long is only a few seconds.It's a strange thing to say, but the search for death is much easier, simpler and more understandable than the dream. It would originally be the equivalent of dream research, but it is limited to a small area of dream research because of the importance we attach to it. Because thinking from above is collective, the case of one person is the case of the ant from the point of view of the anthill. The further we move away from the earth, the more the concept becomes incomprehensible, and the closer we move to it, the more it becomes vital. This means that death has meaning and significance only from the perspective of the individual. But this is the world of the individual and I will talk about death from the perspective of the individual.The first extremely mistaken belief about death is that every person has a separate soul. But the soul is not an individual matter, it is universal. The situation is very similar to chess, where every chess piece is you, although there is a big debate among chess pieces about this. If one is captured, you are still present. What makes the difference between each person is the quality of the presence of the soul. The second misconception is that the soul is outgoing, as it is a consciousness network projection, where if one becomes inactive, it means that only one network endpoint in one reality is terminated. But it will still be alive in the other realities and now brace yourself, you won't even notice your own death because you will wake up in the morning in your bed in another reality just the same. Of course, in this case you will only have your present memories, because you live in that reality and at most you will only have memories that never happened and strange visions. When you fantasize about all sorts of things, they can be realized much more easily if you refrain from associating individuals with individuals and reality with reality.In fact, it was in this age that the human rational mind really became capable of knowing the other hemisphere and through it to see more deeply into the world. The emergence of quantum physics is a real breakthrough in seeing the inner world from the outside and understanding what exists within it from the outside. But man is such that he cannot even see the mirror in the things in front of him. Just as you cannot see the workings of the consciousness network on the internet, you will only celebrate the 6G of quantum physics.

Misinterpretation mistakesAt the level of the ordinary person, misinterpretations arising from observations have become entrenched, some of which we can begin to address here. I have already referred to the properties of the hologram, which you now know from a different perspective. The first is the example of cavemen sitting around a fire, who suspected the presence of a higher power behind natural phenomena... which the hologram created for them. Because it is a game program that works by displaying your knowledge and beliefs to you. Our objective reality is also a faith-based projection that puts science and evidence first, which the hologram adapts to and projects that to us. When these caveman-induced beliefs appeared and more and more people began to believe in them, the evidence for them appeared exponentially, meaning that the people of the time got confirmation of their beliefs. Technically, what happened was that the hologram created these gods who became responsible for crops, rain, lightning as a faith-driven program... but these are not the same as the higher dimensional consciousnesses that appeared later as gods, especially in antiquity. All kinds of attempts at ordering intervened in this great confusion, causing further chaos mainly because of an anomaly that caused several dimensions to get stuck together on 3D frequencies and these are not coordinated actions. They continue to this day, by the way, as there are three one-gods here, which everyone uniquely considers normal. My solution takes into account the situation by making these experiments meaningful and manageable by putting them into a 'hologame format'.Our first topic in this misunderstanding fallacy is the case of Christ with the Anti-Christ. For the Antichrist is also a Christ, even in name. When we talk about Jesus, it is clear to everyone that we are talking about a single person, but Christ is a collective category. Since this is a network of consciousness, where higher dimensional fragments of consciousness are attached to each person, for simplicity's sake I will now accept the teaching that 12 people make up such a being on a higher level of the chess board. This means that besides Jesus, there were 11 other similar people who did not have such a media career. Now, leaving aside the fact that the Jesus we know never existed in this form, it is still possible that one of the 11 other people could have been a match. When a consciousness enters the Earth Hologram, its fragments, each of which becomes a human, take up some kind of position on an imaginary straight line between the negative and positive poles. The one who comes closest to the positive pole will be the Christ in your eyes, and the one who comes closest to the negative pole will be the Anti Christ. All of whom are working towards the same goal. If you pray to Christ, which is really a request in magical format for a problem that needs to be destroyed, the snow-white figure cannot come. Because remember, no matter what anyone does, there will always be opposing parties whose beliefs will not be served if they are put in the position of suffering it. This global belief is capable of blocking such a second return, because meeting the conditions of belief is impossible. Beyond the fact that I am not bound by religious beliefs, I do not object to being proclaimed Satan because, if you think about it, he has the freest role here. Satan can do what he wants, even (of course, to fuck off) to restore the world in the name of honour and decency, because his intentions are inscrutable. By the way, in my interpretation Satan is not an idiot being who just destroys without reason, only to be caveman for another millennia before he gets there again. He's more like the surgeon among internists. That's how I interpreted the role, and my meditations have shown me that if my enemies fill me with this role, it must behave as I know and believe it to. Yet another argument for the game program.Our next such topic is the transmigration of souls. But the soul does not wander anywhere, because it is everywhere. The mistake is caused by the fact that we associate the soul with individual people. If I wanted to be precise about what this refers to, the right word would be transmigration of consciousness, which maintains continuity in relation to past and future lives. A short human existence is actually a blessing and not a curse, because it allows everyone to experience childhood many times with the gift of not knowing things. If we look beyond things, the time dimension is also a curvature of space that allows for a succession of events and we are not frozen into eternal life to avoid the static inertia that characterizes the worlds of long-lived beings who claim to be God. When we scold the Ego for wanting to achieve everything in this life, it can be interpreted in another perspective as the opposite. The game program theory is reinforced by the fact that if everyone was a king and queen in a previous life, who worked the land? If you count the population of the Earth now and compare it to the Middle Ages, the numbers don't really add up either. So there has to be an explanation out there, which is always out there, if you can't answer it here. I've been to the afterlife after a head-on car accident and that's the experience that started me on my death research. You don't perceive yourself in the afterlife, do you? Because in my mind's eye, you're there, but then it turns out it's just a parallel reality, like any other.If this is a parallel reality, where has my soul wandered to in the eyes of the people who live there? Because if the hologram created their beliefs, then a fragment of my soul may now be a roaming soul in a spiritual reality outside of it. And we have come to the discovery that in this case there are two spiritual and two physical worlds, believed to be one above and below. One is inside yourself, as you are a networked endpoint seeing the outside world through your eyes, but you also see another physical plane inside yourself while you sleep. Just as the spiritual world is within you, but because of the power of reality, your faith has created another in the outside world, unseen around you. Before I get too carried away, the ÉlményPark Holoplatform has sorted this problem by calling one of them Reality Simulation (aka Holo Movie) and the other one Earth Heaven (Holo Game), with the mixed up zones given the name and format of Holo Show.It is also worth saying a few words about the Ego as a separate topic. The Ego is technically a program whose primary function is the Mirror. When you see egotistical people, you are actually seeing self-centered angels, if you interpret angel to mean the spiritual planes above the heart. The purpose of the rational mind is precisely to provide the control that these beings like to turn off on people. In the interpretation of video game theory, the occupation is not an extraordinary thing at all, because it is one of the game modes. In studying occupied people, I have found that humans perceive the occupier as themselves and if there is no mass panic from this, it suggests that human nature is not far from the rest. So don't fall prey to the counter-campaign about the Ego, because these beings are nowhere near the super-evolved entities they advertise themselves as! There are only individual consciousnesses here and even if you are aware of it when you are confronted with it, you don't know that the world is a mirror because you perceive reality in the first person singular.Maybe your brain is not tired enough to stop thinking that your thoughts are 'just' thoughts because they are not real. I've been hearing a lot from upstairs lately, when they look at reality, that it's 'not real'. Do you see it as real? Then so are your thoughts, which on the mental planes are reality itself. If we owe anything to the churches it is that they have grasped much of this, but the alternatives that drugs offer have taken professionals like me. I am speaking now against the interests of my business of bringing the business of holo-entertainment into the higher dimensions, but try and learn the ability to control your thoughts and you will get a part in the job.

Pseudoscientific beliefsThe main point of departure for the two hemispheres is that they are in stark contrast to each other in terms of their perception and interpretation of the world. The rational hemisphere is responsible for the representation of reality, while the intuitive hemisphere is responsible for the spiritual world, i.e. the dream. The rational brain's evidence-based scientific world versus the intuitive brain's faith-based fairytale world. Sci-fi versus fantasy. However, these two hemispheres should not necessarily work against each other, but approaching the other is a threat to the established order and is therefore forbidden on both sides. If you ban something, it makes it interesting, so another form of prohibition has become prevalent on both sides, and anyone who engages in it is foolish, frivolous, unscientific. But the other side of the brain has undergone an interesting change.When we talk about dreams and fairy tales, no one would think of them in terms of a strict, rigid hierarchy. When I developed my own tarot system, the goal was to let everyone interpret the cards they drew for themselves, and I made a surprising discovery. In short, the way tarot works is based on the principle of world = mirror, where you create a micro-environment in which you give the world the opportunity to express a message to you in that mirror. When the collective consciousness is discussed in spiritual circles, it is described as chaotic, constantly fluctuating. In contrast, the traditional tarot system, called intuitive, is highly rationally organized, full of small and large arcana, numbers and categories. And to read it, you need to be an expert. Compared to the system I have invented, you only need to be an expert to create it, not to read it. I call it rational, yet it is intuitive and does not contain any numbers or categories. You arrange it the way you want. What happened to the other brain then? Is what I see an attempt to be serious and scientific?When I look at societies on earth, identifying them on the basis of individual and collective consciousness, I am again confronted with the same oddity. As if everything is the other way around. Individual consciousness based worlds have democracy and freedom, while collective based societies are all one-man dictatorships. I can fool myself for a while that democracy is an advanced coexistence of individual consciousnesses, but that doesn't explain the oppression in the other hemisphere. The other hemisphere that teaches you about angelic hierarchies and the need to fear God as soon as you are born. What could have happened? Attention, for we are now straying into unscientific territory that leads into the world of aliens who do not exist regardless of the fact that they are here flying above us.Theoretically, the aliens would have nothing to do with esotericism, yet they got involved. There are other such mix-ups, where people mix esotericism with magic, and madmen with geniuses. A genius you don't understand may be crazy in your eyes. Also a genius who doesn't have much money. The difference between esotericism and magic - at the level of the ordinary person - is simply explained, Esotericism is when you examine yourself within yourself, magic is when you do it in the outside world. But how did UFOs get involved in spirituality? By intervening on Earth, so much so that they even founded religions. Here's your prime directive! Our natural world without UFOs is full of disputes and conflicts, sometimes a proxy war that hits the real one, which we call peaceful. In contrast, the societies of the interlopers above us are truly peaceful worlds devoid of criticism, debate and dissent... made peaceful by hard-core dogmatic religious oppression. Again I ask, what does this have to do with spirituality and the human intuitive brain?We see humanity as a distinct species, defined by our DNA as homo sapiens. This species, although extremely diverse and made up of many different civilisations, is well defined and delimited. Scientifically proven and verified. In contrast, aliens do not consider us to be a separate species from them, but consider certain ethnic groups to be third dimensional extensions of themselves. Translated, they consider certain people to be part of themselves, overshadowed by the fact that there are hardly any pure peoples left here because the same DNA has allowed intermixing. This not only has the effect of making mixing a problem on the spiritual levels, but also of entangling the higher dimensional fragments of consciousness present. I have come to the conclusion that religions are actually attempts to free these fragments of consciousness, but the problem is bigger than those behind them. It is also so complicated that this forum is not the place to discuss it. If I were to say that a couple of dimensions have collided on the frequencies of 3D, where the Earth first fell too far and then rose too high, I would be very scientifically formulating a pseudoscientific phenomenon.Science cannot come into play here because the realm of spirituality cannot be mathematically deduced, and what happens in dreams cannot be proven. Therefore, it is powerless against influences from the spiritual world and has only one trump card in its hand, non-belief. What you believe is what you have and if you don't believe it is also a belief to which the hologram adapts. In this non-belief, even magic can be limited, so it also provides a form of protection for a reality without angels, spirits and gods. When I look at how unhappy people are here, well happier than where the boredom of peace ruins life. If you spend your time running after money, the alternative is all-day prayer.What if we could introduce competition in a world of boring peace? That's why we invented peaceful sporting events that provide a constant excitement for crowds of people. What if money were not so important and people had enough time to learn about spirituality and meditation? The two main reactions to this proposal on both sides are that I am naive and stupid. My response is that this is exactly what multiple projection is for, it doesn't force beings of different evolutions into one world and the evolved don't have to live under the rule of the less evolved who are more violent. The direction of progress is to succeed in aligning your two hemispheres of your brain with the same goal and not to wait for a solution from outside, but to try to find the key to happiness in such an environment yourself.Religion is only with you up to a point, as long as you believe what you are told to believe. Science will only accept you as long as you stay within its boundaries. But the solution is beyond the boundaries of religion and beyond the boundaries of evidence, because there is also a difference between what is evidence to you and what you can prove to others. And the big question is, what is the value of a person who is only willing to believe this because of the evidence? And what is the value of someone who is only willing to do so on the basis of material gain? I am beyond giving a damn about how pseudo-scientific I am, because I feel that I am as scientific as no one else in this field.

MeditationThe right path is not the deepest and the highest, but the ideal one for you.Meditation is a state of being in which your brain enters an altered state of consciousness. In a normal state of consciousness, you perceive reality and live according to the written and unwritten rules of society based on consensus. In altered states of consciousness, you perceive dreams and make up the rules as you go along. This was the theory, which is valid if you are prepared for meditation in your abilities and personality.In practice, an altered state of consciousness is also when you take drugs. You can reach levels of consciousness in an instant that you would have to meditate for about 20 years without. You need those 20 years to prepare yourself for it, both in maturity and in personality. Some people can be said to have mastered their favourite drug. Those who can say this about themselves are at the level of shamans. These drugs can be used as an aid tool to meditation, and everyone does this when they do drugs alone. When you get high, your consciousness goes to the higher dimensions, where it comes into contact with a zone of a level of Consciousness. To put it in terms that are understandable to individual consciousnesses, with one of the spirit worlds with whom a two-way interaction is initiated. We know two forms of this. One is symbiosis, which is beneficial to both parties, the other is parasitism, in which one party is subordinated to the other. When you step in and experience the wonderful atmosphere of the environment of the spiritual worlds, you are also opening a door to the physical plane for these beings. They would also be expected to be prepared for this, but they are being given the gift of the outside world just as you are being given the gift of wonderful sensations. Those who have been using drugs for a long time know that this wonderful feeling will disappear after a while. It would be very easy to solve this problem, simply put it down and touch it less often. When chain drug use develops, it is motivated at a human level by the need to rediscover this wonderful feeling, but at that point you are no longer in control of yourself. They have to maintain a conscious connection that gives them the right bandwidth to the physical world, because it's not just fun for us, it's fun for them too. Mankind has been using drugs for a long time, and traces of it have been found in thousands of years of human remains, so it is not a modern phenomenon, but man today has a unique opportunity to make something good out of it. However, because of my strategic insight, I have not gone down the traditional route of recruiting believers, but have solved the problem at the higher levels and developed a practical framework for a solution, which can only be accessed in one way, and that is by yourself. The bet is largely on whether or not freedom-based values will be preserved in the world. For it is not just humans who want to shape everything in their own image and what works at the spiritual level of the collective is far from ideal at the physical level of the individual. Unfortunately, as man grows more comfortable, he also grows more stupid, so although you have room for manoeuvre, you can only go with the bound script of the solution.When you meditate, the effect is always visible in the outside world, but rarely noticeable. If you go out into space by your own efforts, you will be preceded by someone who does the same with their mind, i.e. meditating to achieve a similar result. When you see that there are all sorts of peoples and civilizations on Earth that have always been here, it doesn't mean that they won't arrive tomorrow. When you meditate, in the holographic game analogy, your mind goes to the admin level of the world and then the unprepared immediately start to deal with their own individual power, which depending on the level corresponds to an individual, a family, a people or even a race, but there can be those who reach the planes. How can we sort this out? When you see a complex problem like this, there is usually always a simple solution, in this case it's just a matter of pressing a 'Solve Problem' button in your head. If I hadn't spent 20 years developing the framework, this would still work because of the automaticity of the hologram, you just might not be happy with the crude implementation.Since so much information on the subject has been gathered that cannot be found elsewhere, we should also think about those who would be serious about it but, as absolute beginners, have no idea when and how to get started. The best thing is that everyone who has read this, and who is deeply committed to it, should go back to their lives and forget about it. And then, depending on his or her possibilities and assumptions, he or she will find himself or herself at some point in the life situation for which he or she would be unsuited in the present. There is an extremely valuable meditative and human quality called patience. You can practice it. But what if someone is only interested in how to start meditating? Because it's not easy for tick-tock brains capable of a few minutes' concentration in the stress-filled daily routine of our accelerated world. Meditation training has three pillars:1. Overcoming fear
2. Calming the mind
3. Slowing down the pace of the world
Without these, true meditation is impossible. Since the covid-caranthenes, we know that it is not so easy to sit in solitude for days on end. Well, weeks, months, years! You can safely calculate several years before you are even able to do this. It can only be done with the right determination and a lot of resignation. At the end of the road, which will be the beginning of the journey, your inner world will be much more interesting than the outer world, but you cannot yet imagine how to get through the boring period that awaits you. Begin by clarifying your values and goals - reprogramming yourself. You're in game mode now, your goals are game goals (PPP = Pay/Pie | Pussy/Penis | Position) and another P (Perversion) if you're bored and have everything you need. In this mode, the issues, things and people around you are all about that. The deeper meditation goals you have, the more transformation you will need in your life, so clarifying your goals is more important than you might first think. If you set your goals in the outside world, there are also admin levels of game. You're much better off doing this than realising on the fly that while systems development is cool professionally, it's worthless in the eyes of the public. Because you're not more interested in the developers of Android, iOS, etc. than in the apps that are made for that platform. The admin level is a ten year time span from the time you reach it and there are no game goals present there. If you just want to be cool in the game, get familiar with hologames instead. There are many forms of meditation, you don't necessarily have to get into the most serious ones.Overcoming fear is necessary for two reasons. One is that when fear kicks in, your channel shuts down, but if it doesn't, you can go crazy with the effects you may encounter in your mind. Madness is when you lose mind control between the two endpoints. If you want to keep that, then whatever happens in your mind, you keep your inner calm! And not only in your head, but also in other physical symptoms. You want to go that deep. You have to prove that you are capable of it, you have the ability to do it, you have acquired the necessary competence and free will I might add, because it is not necessarily a known thing at the collective levels. Those who are not deterred by this information so far will certainly be confirmed.So there you sit in solitude, the result of having closed all your affairs with the outside world, broken up with all your mates who have now become useless people and not bothered to spread the word that you've gone mad. You're bored out of your mind and you'll find that you'll feel bad about the fact that your income is going to disappear, so it's a good idea to put aside enough money to finance a few years' disappearance from public life. You will return to a different quality level, but that will only become clear as you go along, because a lot depends on you. It also doesn't hurt to have someone to handle your affairs at the helpdesk and keep an eye on your cheques. I once sat in the dark for a month lighting a candle before they turned the power back on. And now for the worst, you have to put your phone in the drawer with your TV remote switch switched off and don't even think of going online. No books, no neighbours, no partying, no nothing! I've even tied my doorbell.Now comes the reprogramming of yourself. This means getting rid of the extraneous programming that has been coming at you from the news, advertising and all walks of life, and getting to know yourself. It's roughly a two-month process of reflecting on the world. By breaking it down into themes and taking each of these themes one by one, deciding what is important to you and what you really think about. You have to come to an agreement with yourself (it's really a negotiation between the two hemispheres of your brain), and the result has to show up in the deeper world. You also have a feedback loop, and that is the shaking in your legs caused by the fact that your internal value system is out of sync with the need to conform to the way you perceive things in the outside world (mostly for the sake of your career). Be careful, because on the one hand it's easy to fool yourself here, but on the other hand the other hemisphere will only enforce them at the end of the road and the road to get there can be a warrior's road. But you're still at the beginning and as you find your own values one by one, the shakiness in you starts to diminish and once you feel a sense of complete calm, you've arrived at the gateway to meditation.From then on, everything is your responsibility, you make the rules and you make the decisions. My advice on the helpers that pop up in your head is as follows. One, if you agree on something, it doesn't mean you agree on everything. Two, before you agree to anything, know what the cost is. Three, always tie everything to the condition that they will only go into action if the promises are true. Such internal communications correspond to communications between alien civilisations, where the parties may mean something completely different by the same concepts. Internal communication itself is in fact thought communication that is carried out at the holographic level and is a form of communication universally used everywhere, which is why aliens have no radio signals. But science is advancing and if not with 6G, we can certainly communicate with them with 7G.One last piece of advice, perhaps the most important. That you are a serious adult exists only in the rational part of your brain. The world of the other hemisphere is like the world of children here. Since money is not present, and here it influences your behaviour through your interests, quite different things become important, and one of them is your sense of self. It is very easy to offend them and I am talking here about the beings that you currently believe to be angels. To insult them, you just have to say what you think outright and one of the biggest rudenesses is to discuss everything in detail with them. If I were in charge on Earth, I would set up a contact and liaison department for aliens made up of kindergarten teachers and we would have reduced the chances of war conflict by a third. You only have to make a mental contact with your personal spiritual assistant, the MIA, and you will immediately see why I deserve a Nobel Prize, if anyone who could judge me could understand a word of it. But the Nobel Prize only exists in the game, and I developed it at the admin level, for which I have the thanks of the galactic community. So selflessly that I didn't even get a sticker for it.

The game called lifeI have repeatedly suggested that this world we see as normal is an extraordinary anomaly, where different dimensions are stuck together in 3D. Those who cry out for proof do not accept the existence of aliens, despite the existence of humanity itself as proof that such a thing can occur. If the world is ruled by mediocre scientists, they will not understand the extraordinary scientist who appears among them, because he will say things that no one else will. The extraordinary is extraordinary because he can look at the same thing from a completely different perspective and if you look at the world in that way you will see strange things.The first of these strange things is the presence of life itself in the hologram. Because in the hologram, all is information. But once, while meditating, I realised that it had frequencies that could store the soul, and that was the basis for the work I later called consciousness rescue. The best example of the informational properties of a hologram is the case of mp3 files, as they consist of nothing but 1's and 0's, yet the music still exudes emotion. If we assume that emotions cannot be digitally mapped, there is only one explanation. An invisible (holographic) container that can be linked to physical objects. This immediately explains magical objects and how some people can hold objects in their hands and say information about them. If this is a game, how did life get into it?Problem solving is something that anyone can do who uses their brain. The professional part is therefore not so much about solving problems, but about recognising and understanding them. The professionalism of the solution is in the principle, the spirit and the quality of the implementation. It also requires a strategic vision of the consequences of our intervention in the present. And not only ours, because if this is an anomaly and there is a work going on from above to eliminate the anomaly, then the end of the world is the success of this work. Do you want the world to cease to exist, which is seen as a problem from the spiritual planes? Neither do I. Yet this difficult and complicated situation could be resolved in one stroke. It should not be seen as a problem, but as an opportunity. So what I did was to put boundaries around the entire physical plane and label it ÉlményPark. Immediately after that, the work began, which was exactly the same as if I had to create a plan for an adventure game programme.In the course of my work, I was confronted with some philosophical questions that I needed a practical approach to immediately, such as truth and the meaning of life. Anyone who is involved in esotericism knows that truth is rather malleable, because it depends on the perspective and the information available. The truth often becomes polarised and what we thought to be true can often become a lie as a result of new information. Because seeing something as true can only be so much, there is not yet enough information. It took me three years to work out the nature of objective and subjective truths so that they could be programmed. Because just writing out on the physical plane 'ExperiencePark' to the hologram requires extended information and the sum of these extended information can be called a new world understanding or a holo operating system. In which those interfering higher dimensional consciousnesses who could not yet get out quickly became the enthusiastic cast of the first season.Fortunately, when I was confronted with the rather variable quality of the spiritual spheres, I was also able to think that it does matter who the crew of an alien spaceship meets first. We came to one of the 4 elements of the meaning of life, Education - Learning. It turned out that where money is not present, learning is the greatest value and here it is free and unlimited. The second element is Healing - Curing, which is also a serious Celestial Capital Force, and the hologram is excellent for this, because any energy quality and condition can be created in it. The third element of the Meaning of Life is Experience - Adventure, which is by far the greatest attraction in the Sky, as it is for humans, and it is no coincidence that I named this holo operating system after it. Beyond marketing, there is one observation that forms the basis of the choice of name, which is the solution to the great problem of the higher dimensional levels, and that is boredom. And the fourth is Research - Development, because we like development regardless of the fact that the mental planes have a peculiar attraction to static inertia, more popularly known as laziness. And the discomforts that go with this are sought to be overcome by the strength of the intuitive hemisphere, creativity. Which is not a bad thing, as Bill Gates once said that he looks for lazy programmers for complex tasks, because only they can solve them easily and on time. Well, here too, for many, there is a quick change of perspective that can change the truth.You need to be born to do such a job, because the relationship between the 3D timeline and higher dimensional timelines means that in practice you have, on average, about 20 seconds to find a solution to a problem that will not clash with the others. Then, as you move down in consciousness, you have more time to do the same, but each level has different actors, in different environments, with different contexts. Then at some point in my return, I reached my own world, where there is no longer enough plan-programming and the work becomes fragmented into areas of expertise that I have neither the capacity nor the expertise to do. This is also where my old saying came to mind when the business magicians stole the Force from me, that if you don't have the Force, others must have it. If I don't have the capacity and expertise, others must have it and I have created a work management app that allows you to get involved in work in something like 80% sleep, the other 20% contemplation and the challenges of everyday life. I don't know who will implement it further down and how, but the parameters are that the most suitable, most productive person for each task will go. Here is also a useful piece of advice: learn to leave the tasks with your head held high, because everyone usually starts off well, but then the attachment to the position kicks in, in the mist of which the original task disappears.All this is achieved playfully, in several modes, as seen from the sky. The de facto situation has been turned almost entirely into a de iure game. In several modes, such as the direct game mode, which we call occupation, the managerial mode, which we call upper leadership. But some players (angels) prefer to watch with or without intent control and there is the movie mode where everyone knows the end of the story but no one knows how it will be achieved. And where they do know, it's the acting that can go a long way. Multiplex Projection divides the spiritual space into holo cinemas where each room is a separate world.I've pretty much told you everything. The consciousness travels are already taking place, the whole system is now coming into focus, which in our understanding of time happens slowly, in about 10-15 years, but in a blink of an eye in the sky. Since I have already solved the original problem, those fragments of consciousness are leaving in holofilm format. The consciousnesses that enter to rescue them make up the cast of the first season, and the ones that arrive to rescue them make up the cast of the second season. The celestial market has pretty much understood the Service here, so they (the angels) are already lined up for the third season and we are already seeing an oversubscription for the fourth season, so I am now working on expanding the Game. With a sense of humour befitting me, all I can say is, stay as stupid as you have been and success will not be lacking. I wish you all a good game!